10 Benefits to Vicks VapoRub (12 Pics)

We have all used Vicks VapoRub at least once in our lifetime. That is actually a mentholated topical ointment that users often apply on their chest, back and throat for cough suppression and other symptoms of a common cold; or on muscles and joints for some minor aches and pains.

However, people also use Vics VapoRub for home improvement, as a pure cosmetic, ear pain, etc.

Here are some of the most common uses for Vics VapoRub:


Why would we only use this thing for our nose when we can also use it to freshen up the air in our home? It would work even better if you have a humidifier. Just add some to it to circulate around the room.


Sore Muscles

This thing is an ideal way to soothe sore muscles. Apply this thing to your muscles after a workout to soothe soreness and inflammation process (if there are any). This will help you get in shape for the next workout.


Squeaky Doors

I don’t care if I hear squeaky doors. That is not a problem for me. However, there are those who go crazy because of it. Thankfully, VapoRub can help you with that. Rub a little bit on the door hinge and your problem should be solved.



Just place a cotton ball with some Vics VapoRub in the cup of your ear. It will not solve the problem, however, it will ease the pain.


Fuller Lips

If you want to make your lips look fuller and softer, just add some of this solution to your lips. Menthol, which is one of the main ingredients, is a natural lip plumper.


Cover a Bad Smell

You can smell the person that has been using this thing in groups of thousands. Its smell is easily stronger than any other less pleasant smell. Just add some of this solution under your nose and you won’t be able to smell anything else.



This thing can cure fungus. One of the main ingredients, thymol, is very effective against toenail fungus. Simply wash your feet, dry them out, and apply some of the VapoRub to the problematic area.


Tennis Elbow

You are having this kind of a problem, just rub some VapoRub on your elbow and it will sooth the pain.


Softer Heels

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make your heels feel softer. Just rub some VapoRub to your feet and put on some soft socks. In the morning, your feet will be as smooth as a baby.


Shower Bomb!

A mixture of VapoRub, baking soda, and water, could help you with a common cold. Just mix them as you would mix any other “Shower Bomb”, and place that kind of “aromatherapy Shower Bomb in the corner of your shower so it can slowly break down and release all the necessary ingredients in the steamy shower.



Just apply a few drops of VapoRub into your temples and massage the entire area.


Problems with Stretch marks?

This thin is really a magic wand when used against stretch marks and some loosened skin.