10 Hilarious Reasons Why People Brought Their Cars To Mechanics (10 Pics)

If you own a car, you must know the responsibilities of managing it. Many people think that maintaining a car is not a big deal and any one can handle this responsibility. The maintenance of a car is such a tiring job. A modern car model may consist of more than 75,000 parts, and maintaining all of them at once, is such a tricky thing. If you want your car to be in good condition, you must keep an eye on every part of it. Your car may make strange noises if you do not pay attention to it or may be some other malfunctions start showing up later.

People with less knowledge about cars sometimes face significant hurdles while driving and then, they have to take their car to their mechanics. If you are planning to buy a car or want to learn how to drive, then you must know some of the ground rules to maintain it first. TOWBIF, which means Tires, oil, windows, brakes, interior and fluids, is a simple word, which helps drivers to remember all the essential parts of their vehicle.

You can always take your car to a mechanic if you find that your vehicle is behaving differently. A mechanic is the only person who can help you when you and your car is having a bad day! They sometimes have a good laugh when they come across hilarious mistakes done by the owners with their cars.

Missing bonnet

We all know that headlights are the most important part of any car but what about the entire hood? Well, this car was brought to the mechanic just for repairing the lights.

Yep, just the headlights! But later when the owner paid a visit to the mechanic, strangely his car was missing the bonnet. What?

Busted tire

This car needed some regular tire repairing. It happens when you drift with a busted tire. Drifting lovers should understand the fact that it could be dangerous to try drifting on the busted tires. If they ignore it, this might happen.

Basil in the car?

This car needed some repairing, and the mechanic found something strange in the car. Want to know more? Take a look! He found a bottle of basil near the front seat of the car. What? Why? Exactly! We wonder what this bottle of “basil” is doing in the car.

Destroyed body

This car needed some repairing, but with the entire body of the car. Really? As seen in the picture, the whole body of the car is destroyed. It seems like someone spilled some acid on it.

Blinker’s fluid

If you are an expert car driver, you must know that Blinker is not for repair. Right? You can purchase it new, but this driver threw a big joke at the mechanic by asking him to fix it. Get your facts straight, bro!

Open sun roof

This driver brought his car to the mechanic with the excuse of water leakage on the passenger side, when it’s raining. He explained it further that it does not leak when the sunroof is closed. *face palm* Well, this guy needs to understand his sunroof window first.

Inflated tire

Inflated tire happens when you fill up the tire with extra air. This car was brought to a mechanic for repairing this strange tire.

Driving without changing oil

You must keep an eye on your vehicle’s meter to check how many cars you have driven on your engine oil. You can drive a maximum of 5,000 to 6,000 miles on the engine oil after exchanging it for the new one.

But this driver drove 84,000 miles without changing the oil of his car. Shocked? We were too. That was the reason of the burning of his car’s engine.

Burrito in engine bay

The mechanic politely advised the driver not to eat burrito in the car as it may be poisonous for the engine bay.*haves a good laugh*

Ringing sound

If you own a car, you must know that any strange noise in your vehicle can irritate a driver a lot and also, makes concentration a hard task. Well, this truck driver took his truck to a mechanic because his truck was making a strange ringing sound.

Acceptable, though! But, the reason was a bell attached to the lower part of the vehicle. (Applause)

The bonus idiot – using sea foam

If you want your car to run smoothly, you can try Sea Foaming the car; but in this case, the driver explained to the mechanic how his friend told him about sea foaming the car but he tried expanding the foam instead and, this is what happened.

His car motor ceased to start, and that was the reason why he brought his car to the mechanic. This logic of using expanding foam instead of sea foam made the mechanic irritated and somewhat, smiley too!

SOURCE: thechangepost.com