10 Incredible Things That Would Happen if Earth Stopped (10 Pics)

Naturally, we are worried about our existence. We are worried about the sustainability of this world and a destructive nature of men. And that is why we have always been interested in our future, so we could be ready for any evil that jumps in front of us. Well, we got interested in that subject a couple of weeks ago. Some of us finally spared some time to watch “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, and suddenly a question appeared, “What would really happen if the earth stood still?”

Of course, none of us really knew the answer but we did our research and these are the results.

All the objects on Earth would fly at high speed because of their momentum.

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The surface of the Earth at the equator moves at a speed of 460 meters per second which is roughly 1,000 miles per hour. But if it stopped, everything on its surface would continue to move and it would be torn out of the ground.

Water Would Also Continue To Move

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The power of that momentum would create huge waves in all the waters of the Earth. Those tsunamis would destroy everything in their path.


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The atmosphere would also continue to move causing some of the most destructible winds that Earth has ever seen. The starting wind speed would be somewhere around 1,100 mph.

Water would go to the North and South

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Water goes to the equator now due to the centrifugal force. However, if everything stopped, water would gather around both poles, making the equatorial line only part of the planet without water.

Volcano Eruptions, Hurricanes, and Huge Earthquakes

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That sudden stop would shake the interior of Earth. That would cause powerful hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes on the entire planet.

Earth Would Eventually Become a Perfect Sphere

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Earth has a shape of an ellipse because of its spin. If the planet stops, it would become a sphere.

One Half of The Planet Would Become a Desert While the Other Would Be Cold As The North Pole

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This means that only one part of the planet would always be turned towards the sun and the other side would become the dark side of the Earth.

Bye Bye Magnetic Field, Say Hello To Cosmic Radiation!

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That protective magnetic field is basically a product of the rotation and Earth’s outer iron core. If the Earth just stopped, the magnetic field would disappear. No magnetic field – no protection from those solar winds – we all become barbecue.

The Only Way to Survive This is to Be Somewhere Between the Cold and Heat

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Mankind would only be able to survive in that area between the night and day, and only underground. The surface would only be available in special space suits.

The Moon Would Fall onto Earth


Professors from Stanford University say that the Moon would eventually slow down, reduce its distance from Earth and hit Earth.


Earth is really slowing down. At the beginning, a day lasted only 6 hours. The Moon is the one responsible for that reduced speed and it is the one we should thank to because we are alive. According to NASA’s calculations, day increases by 2.3ms every 100 years. That means that Earth will, in fact, eventually stop. But that will not happen anytime soon.