12 Awkward Photos That Will Make Your Head Spin (12 Pics)

Check out these 12 awkward pictures that will make your head go around…

1 Walking A Long Road…

Is this someone’s feet of a real-life hobbit?!

2 Red Dragon Fish

What kind of tiny sea creature is this?!

3 But Seriously, Why?

Camping on the cliff…the activity you do when you have a death wish.

4 Probably the Fattest Humming Bird Ever

This humming bird clearly hasn’t shaken her wings in a really long time.

5 Going Up

Oh look, a wheel ride made of dead people’s legs!

6 Eat and Die

This burger is dripping with E.Coli!

7 Desert Anyone?

And these deceased looking macaroons too.

8 Underwater Nightmare

Underwater and next to a giant boat? We’d completely pass out

9 This Is the Wrong Way

Someone at the bread slicing factory must be new…


Hitting her face in 4, 3, 2, 1…

11 Have A Seat

If you ever want to relax at the bottom of the ocean…

12 What The…

And finally, this is how whales sleep… literally. Not creepy at all.

Images source: the24worldnews.com