12 Disney Characters Drawn As Humans Will Give You Nostalgia Attacks (12 Pics)

Every Disney fan knows that Disney love taking animal characters and giving them characteristics of people on screen. Thanks to Disney, a mouse, dog, donkey and tiger, we’ve seen all of them on screen talk, eat, walk and dance just like us.

But, what would happen if we turn all these characters into real humans? There are chances that you didn’t thought about it, but thanks to a Canadian artist with a pen name Sakimichan who decided to show her love for these characters by giving them human-like appearance, you can see it now.

She has created a human version of all famous Disney characters from Scar to Samba and Goofy to Mickey.
Take a look!

Simba, Pumbaa and Timon | The Lion King

Of course, you must be thinking that Simba and Timon shouldn’t have the white skin because the plot of The Lion King is set in African plains. I agree too. However, this image surely helps in the fight against racism.

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde | Zootopia

Have you seen Zootopia yet, it’s been a long time since it got released? Unfortunately, I missed it, but I saw it on this list and I’m probably going to watch it.

Thomas O’Malley And Duchess | The Aristocats

If there’s any cartoon I want to see get turned into a human film, it’s this one. They get my vote.
Bagheera and Baloo | The Jungle Book

Sakimichan has done her homework very well with Bagheera and Baloo.

Lady and the Tramp

Her work on designing of these characters design is really amazing. Look at the expressions, they are flawlessly similar.

Goofy from Goofy

He is everywhere. A tall, anthropomorphic dog who wears turtle neck vest and blue pants. It’d be wonderful if we could see the human version of Goofy on the screen.

Donkey | Shrek

What an excellent rendition of a donkey from the Shrek movie. I mean, just look at him, I haven’t seen such smart donkey in my whole life.

Banzai, Shenzi, And Ed | The Lion King

Looks like The Lion King is the favorite film of this Canadian artist. Here, she has given full attention to the ethnicity of hyenas.

Mike and Sulley | Monster’s Inc.

In this rendition is funny to notice that Sulley’s human version too has one eye, and makes the whole image more relatable and acceptable.

Scar | The Lion King

Everyone knows Scar, he is one of the most badass villains from Disney, who is beautifully voiced by Jeremy Irons.

Mickey and Minie | Mickey Mouse

Classic and one of the most lovable characters of all time from Disney. Seeing them as a human is a bit strange.

Simba and Nala | The Lion King

This list would’ve been incomplete if it hadn’t this couple on the list. Disney has recently announced the live-action remake of The Lion King which will be released in 2019. Can’t wait to see it!

Alan-A-Dale | Robin Hood

Alan-A-Dale, a smooth-strumming rooster from Disney’s animated film, Robin Hood is one of the coolest characters in Disney’s whole history.

Images source: ia.wittyfeed.me