12 Survival Tricks That Help Solve Everyday Problems (12 Pics)

Things happen in this world and sometimes they’re things that are completely out of our control. Like, maybe our phone dies in the middle of nowhere or we’ve misplaced all our Tupperware (mine actually must have legs because I don’t know where they go).

Whatever the case may be, there’s always something that happens in a day that makes you wonder if there’s no easier way to live your life.

Now, life hacks are everywhere. A new one comes out once a week and everyone probably knows them all, but there are some people who don’t, okay? Or, maybe you’ve read them all and then you forget about it.

If that’s the case then this article is the one for you. Besides, some of the things on this list aren’t just random life hacks, they are survivalist life hacks! Because you never know when you’ll wind up in the forest by yourself after dark.

1. If you get cut in the woods, a tampon is actually a really good replacement for a bandage until you can get medical attention.

2. Traveling in the wild can be daunting, so make sure your boots won’t slip while hiking up a mountain or trekking through a lake with these knots.

3. Learning other sorts of knots can really come in handy when you’re out in the wild. A rope is one of the most important things you can have with you out in the wild.

4. Continuing on our wilderness theme, you can start a fire with just a pencil sharpener and a stick. Simply sharpen the stick to make some tinder.

5. If you’re out in the great outdoors but don’t have a watch or your phone has died you can use the sun, the moon, and the north star to tell the time.

6. This one has nothing to do with the great outdoors, but if you’re ever frustrated by your TV remote not working despite fresh batteries then just use some aluminum foil to complete the connection.

7. Again, not a survivalist tip but this is important if you want to be more storage-savvy. If you’re lacking space in your pantry, add some more space with these inexpensive row shelves in the space above your pre-built shelves.

8. Storing dried foods can be a hassle in terms of space, so you can simply store them in plastic bottles you already have. They’re perfectly capable of keeping your foods fresh and you’re also helping the environment. This might not be a survivalist life hack, but it’s a great tip for the environmentalist!

9. Packing can be a hassle, it’s hard to get everything you need into one duffle bag or carry-on suitcase sometimes! We travel with so much these days: clothes, electronics, toiletries. Save some space by using the skivvy roll method.

10. Avert an outfit crisis by turning a paper clip into a makeshift safety pin. This tip is great for those days in the office where a button randomly pops off.

11. Duct tape will always come in handy, especially when you might not think so. The roll can be a hassle to carry around. This pen trick will allow you to create a makeshift duct tape roll so you can carry some with you everywhere.

12. And speaking of duct tape uses, here’s one amazing trick you can use to open any sort of jar that’s being particularly stubborn!

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