14 Proofs That Our Life Is a Deception (14 Pics)

Well, we have some news for you. Most of the things you’ve heard or the things you believe in are true. But there are some things that we have all believed in, and they proved to be a mirage, a lie, a deception.

Here are some facts that will probably surprise you.

You Can’t Just Float in Space. There is Gravity


Astronauts are not gliding or floating. They are slowly falling to Earth.

Napoleon Was Not Short

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The average height in France 18th and 19th century was somewhere around 5’3″. Napoleon was 5’6″, which means that he was above the average height.

All Cokes are Different

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Coke in glass bottles is considered to be the best? Why? Well because taste depends on a lot of factors. It even depends on what we see or feel by touching. There is a belief that aluminum in cans can absorb some of the taste, and glass has no taste.

Towels In Stores Are Not Stacked


Shops had to protect their products. Towels are really easy to still, so shops made a workaround plan.

Earth is a Rock

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Earth is shaped like a rock and it is not completely spherical. But atmosphere and water make it round.

Hello Kitty is Not a Cat


Hello, Kitty is very popular and kids love it because they think that it is one lovely cat. But, Christine R.Yano, an anthropologist, has made one research. And she thinks that Kitty is not a cat. It is a character of its own. Maybe it is a girl. Why? It has never been illustrated on all four legs and it has a pet cat. You figure.


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De Beers first bought diamond mines in South Africa in 1888. Then they bought diamond mines wherever they could find them. Later they found a way to make diamonds and to boost the prices for made diamonds… there you go…

Chips Scam

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Not all potato chips are real potatoes. Well, they are but not in their entirety. We, humans, want perfection. In McDonald’s we want our fries to be all even in size, we want our hamburgers to be all even in size, and we want our chips to be all even in size. It is prettier and it means that it’s made of better quality. Wrong! Every chips you buy and you see a smooth and even surface on every single piece, you both a chips with 40% of potatoes and the rest made of starch, flour, and water.

Paving Blocks Cheating


Well, that solution is not done like that in every single country, but it is much easier than laying out the blocks one by one.

Don’t Blame Your Moths!


Grown moths are not responsible for all the holes in your clothes. Their children are. The mom moth comes into your wardrobe and lay some eggs. After that, it just chills while her offspring go stronger from eating your clothes. It is that simple.

Owls Have Really Long Legs


Owls can’t turn their heads at a 360 angle, but only 270. And the second thing, their legs are huge!

Goldfish and a Memory

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Goldfish have a longer memory than 3 seconds. One kid from Australia made an experiment and he proved that goldfish actually remember more than 6 days.

Chupa Chups Are Not a US Brand


Yep, the Chupa Chups was first made by Enric Bernat from Barcelona, Spain. The logo was created by Salvador Dali.

Legend Says: You Can’t Stick Your Thumb Into Your Nose


Actually, you can. And that is exactly what you’ve just done.