15 Awesome Tricks To Make Your Home More Stylish (15 Pics)

In order to keep our life fresh we often buy new stuff to wear or new furniture for our house. Sometimes we redecorate the entire thing so it seems like we have bought a totally new house. We should buy new clothes and furniture but we don’t have to spend thousands and in the same time buy something someone already has. We can do much more if we use a little bit of imagination.

We have gathered 15 useful tricks to make your home more stylish for minimal cost.

Jar Shelf


Jars are really easy to find and most of us already have some from the products we both. The design is pretty simple, it looks nice and it saves some bathroom space. Watch the video to see how to make one.

Fortune Teller Lamp


You can replace your old lamp shade with a new one made of fortune tellers. You can use all sorts of designs and colors. You can find the instructions on how to make a fortune teller here and you can look here if you want to see some similar ideas.

Design of Curtains


Choose some better print for your curtain. It will entirely change the interior.

Higher Curtains Can Give an Illusion of Bigger Windows


Hang those curtains right under the ceiling to make your windows look larger.

Use These Unusual Rods For Curtains


If you use a design this bold for your rods, you will make an example of a really tasteful individual.

Make Your Own Tie For The Curtain


Another way to decorate your curtains is to make your own ties. You can use belts, ropes, chains, etc.

Hide All The Wires


Shower rod is pretty wide and it can be a good container for all your cables.

Or Make a Decoration From Those Cables


Instead of hiding those wires, you can arrange them like decorative details.

Make Your own Headboard


In order to do this, you would need to do a little research on how to make things from plywood. Read some of those stuff here.

Curtain Rods Bed Canopy

Caleb Anderson Design

Use curtain rods to build your own bed canopy.

Dark Colors Make Your Ceiling Look Higher


Paint your walls with some light colors and ceiling with a darker tone. That will give a little bit of style to your room.

Accent On The Wall

Michael Higginson / Shutterstock

To give your rooms a modern look, paint one of the walls in some bright color and you can decorate it with some designed element.

Play With Colors


Experiment with colors, lines and borders for your colors.

Hide Your Bed


If your bed is in your living room, and your living room is huge, hide your bed with a curtain. Simple as that.

Paint Your Radiator


Radiators are same in every single apartment, but you can decorate it however you like. Repaint it to some of your favorite colors for example.