15 Badass Trees That Don’t Want To Die No Matter What (15 Pics)

We could learn something from trees. They are one of the oldest inhabitants of Earth. They have been her more than 385 million years and they will be here long after our bones become nothing else than dust. But there is a reason they survived for so long. They are resilient more than anything you can imagine. You can’t see that only by watching a tree, but if you look at the old trees and what are they capable of in order to survive… You wouldn’t be able to find a being on this planet which is more fond of life than trees are. They are able to overcome any obstacle you present them with. Every obstacle, but man. Almost every man. Because there are trees that simply don’t want to die.

This Palm Tree Was Taken Down At Some Point And It Just Curved Back Up!


This Tree Fell And Grew 4 More Trees


This is The Only Tree That Survived The Tsunami in Japan


Washington, Olympic National Park, This Tree Really Knows How To Fight The Odds


Went Right Through The Stone

Paul Speight

Looking For Food


Some Grandpa Forgot His Skates On a Tree


Life Finds The Way

Phill Monson

Tough Little Tree


Another Example Of a Number of Trees on One Tree


This One Will Never Give Up


This Tree is Famous. It Is In The Woods Near the Vashon Highway, Washington

Ethan Welty

Right Through The Fence


Through Walls…

Laura Catlin

This One Grew On The Top Of a Silo