15 Beautiful Pictures Of Dogs Before And After Their Haircuts (15 Pics)

Once you or somebody else you know go for a haircut, you might have noticed that totally different personality appears. Sometimes, we like to say “that’s not the person I know”. Like people, dogs also go for haircuts and they too look more different than before.

If you don’t want shedding to become a big issue, grooming them is the best answer. Some people tend to keep their pets hairy which is also fine, but we can agree that all dogs are cute regardless of the amount of hair they have. Some of these dogs before and after a haircut are simply unrecognizable.

After grooming treatment, this dog is looking outstanding.

This dog was counting down the days until his haircut.

With or without hair, this dog just doesn’t care. He looks cute both ways

Now you can finally see this dog’s eyes. “Thanks, human!”.

Don’t you think this was too much of haircut for this dog?

The fluff went off and this dog now has two nice ponytails.

Hope his owner will recognize him because now, without his hair, he looks much smaller.

Obviously sad look on this dog’s face after losing all the hair.

When a dog likes the haircut a lot and makes nice pose with a smile.

So much hair he was carrying on.

Once you are done with your haircut, you will look like a gentleman.

Cut off all your hair, make a change in your life

Seems he loves his new chest look which got trimmed.

His cute eyes were lost in the hair, but finally we can see them.

He looks so adorable in both ways.

Images source: unknownfacts.info