15 Examples Of Human Genius That We Can Only Observe And Awe (15 Pics)

A genius is not just a person who invents fantastic inventions. Geniuses are also people who find brilliant solutions to everyday problems and situations. We have prepared you several photos of geniuses in the work that prove that they are walking among us, even though they have not won the Nobel Prize. Frankly, we admit that we envy them on their wits.

1. Sun protection – quick and easy

2. He could not find a tie for the tie … so he used a nail cutter.

3. The easiest way to find a bottle opener

4. Creative student of medicine

5. When a baby trusts only mom

6. “I’ll just leave it here”

7. Do not try this at home

8. When sleeping at work goes too far

9. A great alternative for the selfie stick

10. She just does not want to dip her fingers

11. He knows what to do when you’re bored at the airport

12. It’s not foolish if it works

13. Why should you buy new socks?

14. Comfort creates creativity

15. Why are not we so smart?

Images source: fokuzz.com