15 Near Misses That Are Borderline Impossible (15 Pics)

Small incidents take place each day and we tend to neglect them due to the fact they cause no harm, and we nearly straight away forget about them; however, on different activities, we comprehend that we simply missed something a way worse, and we don’t forget these situations for a longer time. Such narrow misses are an element worth capturing a photo to share with everyone else.

The following list carries fifteen of the most unbelievable near misses to be able to probably make you look at them at least two times.

1. Text messages do no longer get any better than this

Talking about near misses, the greatest thing you could probably lose is your life. This person right here was on the edge or even a tiny step beyond, however, the picture says all of it and the horrific moments were left in the past.

2. It seems like they did it on purpose


This biker was very lucky and also had awesome reflexes. We don’t realize if the individual in the SUV pressed the accelerator instead of stepping at the brakes via mistake, but it’s far seen that hitting the motorcycle once, the automobile accelerated until it absolutely crushed the two-wheeled speed machine.

3. This would probably never happen again anywhere

This is what luck looks like. Not only that the tiny aquarium survived, but most of the water and the fish are still inside, and the entirety appears almost as though nothing actually happened there.

4. This large rock may easily overwhelm any vehicle

Even the biggest SUV has zero possibilities against this rock. It was simply close to passing over because it landed right in the middle of the lane. Imagine seeing this issue falling in the front of your vehicle – it might be a sight you will never forget.

5. Here’s how you should never pass a railroad

Always look BOTH ways 

Everything seemed calm till the train showed up out of nowhere and almost hit the woman with the hoodie. She seemed like she knew her way round, however, we aren’t positive why she seemed handiest within the contrary path, and she or he likely had her headphones on, because she did not seem to pay attention the train coming.

6. This one is unbelievable

Here is one extra motive to never go out during a hurricane storm. This plank managed to pierce the tree pushed through the pressure of the storm. Now consider if this becomes a human as opposed to a tree. The power of these storms is horrifying.

7. Going off-road could turn out to be very risky

If you believe you are invincible in your big SUV, you’re very wrong; just look at this situation. This man or woman was only inches far from a horrible injury or maybe dying whilst this piece of wood pierced through the Jeep in the weirdest way.

8. You are about to see one very lucky and brave guy who was determined to complete his call

On the bright side, nothing stopped this man’s call

This dirt motorbike could have without problems killed the man who avoided the collision, however, he seemed instead unimpressed by what happened and certainly continued his call. We wonder who he turned to speak to.

9. Here’s one fortunate car owner

This might be the closest possible miss considering the occasions. The massive tree branch is maybe less than an inch away from the paint. But it was surely worth of taking a few pics.

10. This doesn’t occur every day

The people inside the automobile were probably not significantly injured, but it may have been much worse if the car was speeding just a bit more prior to the collision. The road barricades are positioned there for a reason and this one surely did a good work.

11. No, it’s not a movie scene


You will probably locate it difficult to accept as true with, but this was not a stunt for an action movie; it was a real road coincidence. Notice that even the opened door at one of the cars did not even contact the person with the hat. Being lucky does not even begin to describe this.

12. This is what you call a near miss

The darts arrow neglected this man or woman’s toe by fractions of an inch, and all of us recognize how an awful pain that might have been. But, when you think of it, it may be a mock-up; after all, there’s no video of the real event.

13. This driver fought for the second place and nearly hit the track walls


There were certainly a few narrow misses right here, and the driver’s reactions have been the cause he was capable to finish 2nd in one piece. And from every other point of view, it becomes an accidental demonstration of talents that the fans probably liked.

14. Sometimes smartphones seem to have unexpected capabilities

Nobody probably thought that a smartphone could prevent a person from cutting a limb with a chainsaw, but this was precisely what happened with the owner of this device. It’s a one of a kind event and the telephone deserves some credit for its rigid construction.

15. Money can literally save your life

The story behind these coins is that they saved their owner’s life. He was a WWI soldier who got hit by German bullet, but the coin took the real hit. It seems like a fairytale, but it is probably authentic.

Images source: sparetimepro.com