15 Of The Most Stupidest Mistakes In The Titanic Movie Which Freaked Out The Audience Around The World (15 Pics)

Some scenes from the movie “Titanic” have a lot of contradictions. Internet users passed through 200 of them. If you did not see them, you were probably caught up in the tragedy of a love story. We present some of the biggest mistakes made in this famous movie.

1. The actors were bound by cables

2. Fast change of hairstyle

3. Part of the dress disappeared

4. Visible reflectors

5. The pillow came out of nowhere

6. Mole changes sides

7. Triggers are gone

8. A man changed his jacket in a microsecond

9. The glass appears

10. Fortunately, this is not a real ax

11. The fence merged as magic

12. Cameraman reflection

13. The ship is made of … foam

14. The tube changes form

15. Some parts of the ship have disappeared

Images source: sheldonsfans.com