16 Bad Days People Wish They Could Trade Somehow (16 Pics)

If you grew up in the Pokémon generation, you realize the stories of deceit and betrayal that surrounded those cards. It got to the point where I stashed my rares in a secret fanny pack compartment because I could not trust anyone. However, all of the holofoils and lame, protection-based fashion alternatives wouldn’t amount to anything if we could trade our days like we traded Pokémon cards. Because the individuals who went thru these ones could spread some chaos.

1. Yeah, that is why I trust only at double-chocolate or glazed donuts.

2. Cracked screens are not anything new, however, this cell phone had a display screen protector that by some means didn’t take any of the damage.

3. Even if I wasn’t allergic to cats, I don’t assume I should undertake something that breaks the legal guidelines of physics to reason as much destruction as possible.

4. To be fair, it is not like we actually need a cat’s help to destroy everything.

5. I’ve never been clear on how this occurs, but I bet it’s embarrassing without leaving a Hansel and Gretel trail in the back of you.

6. The worst aspect about this is determining whether the force is really worth wrecking some poor bird’s house.

7. As a tall man or woman, I can best express my apologies to everyone I’ve ever done this too.

8. I like how a burnt, thin-crust pizza essentially just seems like an overcooked frisbee.

9. I wish I should see what ravaged this coffee desk so hard due to the fact the lack of evidence is the kind of spooky.

10. A horrific day is one thing; however, I do not know what kind of sucker will help you trade in an entire awful week.

11. I guess it is not what it’s alleged to be, however, this automatic banana peeler works like a dream!

12. So, a thunderstorm scared someone’s dog so much that it nearly tunneled via the front door.

13. It’s too bad this RV wasn’t just a bit shorter or this would’ve been an ideal shape.

14. Well, this could suck for most of these parents, however, at least that guy gets to hold his way to victory. If there is any victory here…

15. Well, at least the door’s already open so they’re now not stuck inside.

16. Yikes! Unless they have got a spare crane lying around, I don’t think someone will use that pool for a while.

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com