20 Curious Facts About The World’s Strangest People (20 Pics)

We always put everything in some categories. We think about those categories, make some names and put everything, including people, in those categories. Well, there are thousands of categories, and we are not going to talk about all of them. In fact, we are going to cover only one of those categories (groups), and that is an area of “strange.” Yeah, we are interested in strange people – the strangest of them all. They can be strange because they choose that and sometimes “strange” comes naturally.



This 87-year old woman is from China. One day she noticed a mole on her forehead. That mole started growing, and she now has a big horn on her forehead. There is a medical term for that, and it is called cutaneous horn (benign skin tumor).

No Haircut for 50 Years!


This guy from India died in 2010 at the age of 79. He hadn’t cut his hair in 50 years, and he only washed it a couple of times.

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A girl named Karen Overhill had a problem. She used to find herself in some strange situations. Some people started recognizing her on the street, but she didn’t know them; she found bookmarks in her books much further than she had ever read, she heard some voices talking about her day, etc. Later on, she discovered that she had a severe case of multiple personality disorder. She had 17 different persons in her head. Karen is now ok, she got rid of them, but no one knows for how long.

Once a Soldier…


On the photo above you can see a soldier of the Japanese Imperial Army, Hiroo Onoda (on the right) and his good friend Norio Suzuki. Hiroo Onoda was a Japanese officer who stayed at his post in a jungle of some island in the Philippines for 29 years. There was a mistake, and his unit was ordered to guard that post until the command says otherwise. Well, command forgot about them, and no one ever told them about the end of the WW2. Onoda’s friends all died from starvation and other causes, but he remained and survived solely by eating bananas and coconuts. One day Norio Suzuki went to him and became his friend. He tried to explain him everything about the end of the war, and yet, Hiroo refused to believe. That is why Norio had to travel to Japan and find Hiroo’s former commanding officer, who came to the jungle and relieved him of his duty. He finally surrendered in 1974.

I can SEE You


This is actress Jalisa Thompson, and he has a talent! She can pop her eye out, and it is… special…

The First Person That Got Killed By a Metal Detector


This is Gerald M. Rogers. He was officially the world’s most pierced person. One day he wanted to travel by plane, so he had to go through the metal detector. Guards told him not to do that, but he ignored them, and the machine ripped his face off…



This is Natasha Demkina from Russia. She has x-ray vision. Her diagnosis is often more accurate than doctors and machines.



This is Wim Hoff AKA “The IceMan.” He has gotten his name because of his ability to withstand freezing temperatures completely naked. He once even submerged himself into an cold water and stayed there for 2 hours.

Snake Whisperer


This young girl has lived with snakes since she was a baby. And when we say snakes we mean deadly cobras. She has even been beaten a couple of times, but it seems like she is immune to their poison. The little girl is Kajol Khan, and she is from India. She thinks that deadly cobras are here best friends…

Not a Single Bath For 60 Years


This is Amou Haji, an 83-year-old man from Iran. He hasn’t had a bath for 60 years because he believes that will make him sick, he sleeps in a grave-like hole, he drinks 5 liters of water per day (but from a rusty can), his favorite food is a rotten porcupine, and likes to smoke animal’s feces. Ladies, he is not married!

Hulk or Abomination?

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This guy is Romario Dos Santos Alves, and he wanted to make some muscles. However, he tried to make them by inserting oil and alcohol into his arms. He almost lost his arms because of that.

This is Not a Photoshop!


Michelle Kobke from Germany shrunk her waist from 25 to 16 inches by wearing a corset 24h a day. She is not satisfied…

Super Head


This is Gino Martino, a professional wrestler who can smash through walls and concrete cinderblocks.

The Hairiest Man on the Planet


Yu Zhenhuan is from China, and he is the hairiest man alive. Hair is covering over 96% of his body. Many call him “Monkey Man” because of his… attributes.



Paul Karason from the USA was using some crème for rejuvenation, and his skin turned blue as a result. Despite that, there were no other repercussions except his Internet popularity. Unfortunately, Paul died in 2013 after he suffered a heart attack.



This is Eskil Ronningsbakken likes extreme sports and everything that can endanger his life. He travels around the world and performs near-death stunts like balancing at the top of canyons and cliffs, tightrope-walking, etc.

Insomnia Man


Thai Ngo never sleeps. The last time he slept was in 1973.

Remember Me


This is Jill Price, an American woman from Southern California. She has remembered every single thing since she was 14 years old. That is a great gift, but it can endanger her life because the human brain has its limits.

Magnetic Man


This is a 56-year-old Muhibija Buljubasic from Bosnia. He has some magnetic force inside his body that makes him a human magnet. Nobody is sure whether this “power” is real or not. Maybe he has some unique energy, and perhaps his sweat is sticky.

Eyeball Tattoo


This is a man sentenced to 22 years in prison for shooting a police officer. His name is Jason Barnum and as you can see he has tattooed his eyeball to be black. Apparently, his name is “the Eyeball.”