20 People Who Got Incredibly Lucky (20 Pics)

There are those special moments that can transform our boring days into phenomenal ones. Those moments are some random luck events usually connected with finding or winning some money, winning a bet, and other less significant events.

However, apart from those experiences, there are those that can be categorized as extreme luck. Those moments span from some unlikely prosperity to nearly escaping death. Here are 20 people who are incredibly lucky.

Racing Wheelchair

Ben Carpenter is a man that survived some of the most unlikely accidents. His electric wheelchair got bumped by some truck which started pushing the wheelchair down the road. The truck driver didn’t even notice and he actually pushed the wheelchair a couple of miles at about 45mph. Luckily, a pair of cops saw that, and they got the truck to pull over. The wheelchair was damaged, but Ben Carpenter got out of that accident without a scratch.

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One Australian truck driver, Bill Morgan, survived a heart attack after an accident, and he was clinically dead for more than 14 minutes. After spending 12 days in a coma, he woke up and went back to his everyday life. However, a couple of days after he got out of the hospital, Bill bought a scratch ticket from which he won a new car! A month after that, a local TV station interviewed Bill and had him re-enact the buying and scratching the winning ticket. He went to the store, bought a ticket, scratch it, and won a jackpot of $170,000.

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Three Days Alone In The Deep

Harrison Odjegba Okene was a member of a 12 men team on a tugboat that sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. He survived for three days inside an air pocket that was luckily formed in the engine room. Rescuers found him at the last moment.

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Mother and Son

Steve Flaig, a delivery truck driver at Lowe’s, had discovered that he was adopted so he decided to search for his birth mom. After months of searching, he found out that his mother was actually working with him all that time, and that they were, in fact, really good friends.

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10 Days in The Jungle

Juliane Koepcke was a sole survivor of the Lansa Flight 508 crash in 1971. She was only a teenager. The plane crashed in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, so rescuers needed whole 10 days to find her. She didn’t only survive the crash, but she also survived 10 days alone in the wild.

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One California couple was walking their dog when they stumbled upon a treasure trove of really rare gold coins. They auctioned those coins and found out that they date back to 1847. They sold them for $11 million.

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Good Guys

Three college roommates found some old sofa at a thrift store for $20. After bringing that sofa to the house they were staying in, they noticed some strange sound coming out from the sofa every time they would sit down. They actually discovered $40,000 stashed inside that sofa. And maybe some other people wouldn’t do the thing they did. This trio actually located the previous owner of that sofa from a deposit slip and returned all that money.



Well, no one likes to be locked. Well, almost no one. Two kids ended up getting locked inside a supermarket over the entire night and they had to survive somehow. So yeah, they ended up taking an advantage of the huge amount of food options they had at their disposal. Can you think of a better place to be locked in?

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A Huge Part of Luck in a Totally Unlucky Event

Car crashes are not something people usually interpret as a good luck, but a car crash in which you end up surviving a rogue ax is damn good luck if you ask me!

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A Close Call

You can’t really see how lucky you are until it all ends and you take a look back at what could have happened but it didn’t. Well, this person found out that luck really exists. After a cyclone finished its run through their hometown, the entire family went out to see the aftermath and found out that huge tree managed to fall in such way that it didn’t even scratch their car.

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One in a Million

Do you know what is it like to search for a needle in a haystack without a magnet? Well, this person has a good idea about that. They accidentally shredded a very important receipt. In the end, they found the exact part they needed and everything went well. And the part they needed was shredded to the exact shape of the exact info they needed. What are the odds?!

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Four-Leaf Clover

Most people don’t find a single four-leaf clover the entire life. And this person found a whole bouquet!! They should buy a scratch ticket now!!!

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Rusty Nail

We usually don’t care about where we step when wearing any kind of shoes. But nails have a problem with authority so they go straight to any footwear. And this guy wore flip-flops so nail went through without any fuss and ended up just breaking the skin of his foot.

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Mini Heart Attack

Dropping your keys in the middle of the street is stressful, but dropping your single car key on a huge drain grill and having it end up on the grill itself is a pure luck.


Sports Cards

One Tennessee man had to help his aunt clean her attic after his uncle passed away. And amongst all the old stuff he found nineteen packs of unopened old football, baseball, and basketball cards ready to be thrown away. Those cards and bubble gums ranged from the 1940s to 1960s and he sold them as a collection for $1 million.

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The Luckiest Clumsiest Person Alive

The sole fact that this woman decided to cross a ski slope during the event and at the exact moment as a skier was trying to jump just proves how unconscious she was at that moment. But the fact that she and a skier went out of that near encounter completely unscathed just proves how lucky she is.

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The Richest Piano Technician

One piano technician was called by some school officials to tune a 110-year-old piano that was donated to them. Inside, the technician found over nine hundred gold coins and half of them date back to 1847. That technician ended up with half of those coins and they are collectively valued at over $600,000.

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A Movie Poster

A woman from South Carolina bought a framed print of a painted border collie. It wasn’t of much value because it wasn’t framed print, but she went to clean it and discovered a poster behind that collie. That poster was an original window card poster for the 1930s classic “All Quiet on the Western Front”, and that poster ended up being worth over $20,000.


Blind Shot

Well, the only thing that is better for experiencing an awesome lucky moment is having a bunch of people witness that moment! Just look at that impossible throw which ended up being the moment this boy is going to remember to the end of his life.

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Seconds Away From a Disaster!

This is something we can usually see in Hollywood’s summer box office hits. However, this real footage shows us some guys moving away from a crumbling iceberg at the last possible moment. One single second stood between life and death for these guys.

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