20 Photos Showing That Australia Is Not Just Another Country, It’s a Different World (20 Pics)

When we think of Australia, we usually get the idea of Kangaroos, huge dangerous spiders, dangerous snakes and oversized insects. However, Australia is much more. Australia is a world of its own. This is why we decided to show you that special side of Australia – side because of which we all love Australia.

1. Voting in Australia

Well, it is so hot in Australia during the summer (or winter – it depends from which side of the globe you are reading this) that they simply don’t have time for being official. And by the way, voting in Australia is compulsory. If you don’t vote, you get fined. So, you can try to skip voting.

2. Nature

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Alright, we have to mention this. Australia has a beautiful, peaceful nature, full of wildlife. And that wildlife can be all cute and cuddly, but it can also be dangerous. There are sharks, snakes, crocodiles, etc. But most of those dangerous creatures live in isolated areas. That is why there is nothing to worry about.

3. Driving During The Summer

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Summer in Australia is so hot that you can’t touch the steering wheel without oven gloves. It is really hot!

4. The Home For Marsupials

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Marsupials are animals that carry their youngsters in a pouch. Their babies usually crawl into the safety of mama’s bag, or pocket and stay there. The best-known marsupials are kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, possums, wombats, Tasmanian devils, and opossums.

5. Sugar Gliders

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These animals live in Australia, some Indonesian islands, and the New Guinea. They basically look like squirrels, but they can glide.

6. The Laughing Kookaburra

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The interesting thing about these birds is their way of singing. If you can call that singing. It almost looks like those birds are laughing and just imagine waking up early in the morning with a dozen of this birds sitting casually on your porch laughing their feathers off.

7. Opera House

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Sidney’s Opera House is famous not only for its unusual design but also because of its simply terrible acoustics. The Australian government have tried to fix that problem but haven’t been able to this date.

8. Danger Scale

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Well just look at that scale. Danger scale that immediately goes from low-moderate to HIGH. This is something, only Australians can understand.

9. AFL

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AFL is the Australian Football League and you can notice that is totally different from the NFL and from Rugby League.

10. Quokka

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This is Quokka. They are very cute native animals and they live in isolated areas of Western Australia. You have to work harder in order to find them. As you can see, they are not larger than cats.

11. Pygmy Possum

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How could these cute animals evolve alongside those huge spiders, snakes, insects, crocodiles, etc?

12. Gigantic Lace Goanna

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And yes, there are huge lizards… They grow up to 6 feet and they can climb almost anything including trees, and walls of your house… Keep your windows closed!

13. Natural Born Fighters

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This is a usual street fight in Australia. And yes you can actually see them fight in your backyard too! And don’t even try to get involved!

14. Free Fruit For Children

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Just a few years ago, one supermarket chain in Australia decided that they should give some fruit for free. Actually, that was a part of their campaign, but it is pretty cool. They would fill a couple of baskets with fruit so kids could take a piece of fruit and enjoy their healthy meal while their parents are shopping for groceries.

15. Quarantine Period

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Australia has extremely strict quarantine rules for animals. You are not allowed to bring any animals from overseas. Pets usually stay in their quarantine for months before they are allowed to get back to their owners. The reason is simple – most common animal diseases have never been reported in Australia so their animals haven’t had an opportunity to develop the immunity.

16. Wi-Fi

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Well, the Wi-Fi in Australia is really, REALLY slow!

17. Cassowaries

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These birds are unique to Australia and New Guinea. They look like a combo between a turkey and an ostrich. And don’t get us wrong, they are pretty and colorful but they can kill you.

18. Christmas

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For Australians, Christmas time is in the middle of summer. So, they obviously don’t have a white Christmas.

19. Vegemite

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This strange food really looks like oil and in spite of that, it is really tasty. You simply can’t describe the taste with words because you can’t really compare it with anything else. It is actually made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives.

20. Magpies and Cyclists


Every cyclist in Australia has to wear these strange helmets with spikes. That is actually a necessity in Australia and a defense mechanism against Magpies. Those are very dangerous birds that will attack you with no mercy!

Bonus – Australian Firefighters

Australian firefighters came to an idea to make their calendar, sell it, and raise money for charity. They have been doing that since 1993, and they have raised over $2.3 million since their first calendar. And yeah, those are real firefighters, they are not models.