5 Myths That It’s Shameful to Believe In (5 Pics)

Our society often believes in some myths that have no foundation in reality. Those myths are sadly generally accepted as such and almost everyone believes in them without even thinking about the negative aspects of such a belief. It’s maybe rude to say that, but some of those myths (lies) are so obvious and so stupid that it’s hard to comprehend that someone actually believed in it. Take HIV for example. There are hundreds of thousands of people that are positive for HIV and are waging a war against this virus and there is actually someone who believes that virus is a lie….

HIV Doesn’t Exist

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Since the beginning of the epidemic, over 70 million people have been infected with this virus and more than 35 million people have already died of it. In 2008 Montagnier and Francoise Barre-Sinoussi shared the Nobel Prize for discovering the HIV with Harald zur Hausen who actually discovered that human papillomaviruses can cause cervical cancer. That is how significant was the discovery of the HIV.

The virus itself is actually the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. And this kind of virus is nothing strange for nature – many animals have these kinds of viruses, but this is the first one that was detected in humans.

Global Warming is a Lie

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You can see all the necessary elements against this claim around you. Polar caps are melting away, sea levels are rising up, extreme weather has become a totally normal thing (unfortunately), and the temperature on our planet has been increasing since 1905. Actually, it has increased by 0.86°C which is a very significant change if you look at the fact that you only need a one degree difference between the 0°C and 1° to melt the ice. If we succeed in lowering the gas emissions in the next few years, everything could be better. But if we fail, the temperature will rise by 2°C by 2040, and by 4 or 5°C by 2100. This will not destroy the planet, but it will make it extremely inhabitable for humans.

Products Containing GMO are Dangerous

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All the GMO plants go through a certain list of experiments. Those tests/ experiments have been made to test how safety that food is for humans. Scientists have to choose the best genotype out of thousands of possibilities, and scientists call that an “artificial selection.”

Our Brain Uses Only 10% of Its Capacity

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We use different parts of our brain for different activities. For example, we are using one part of our brain when we kiss, another part of the brain when we learn, etc. There are some people who can do a couple of things at the same time, and that is called multitasking. But there is no way that one person can drive a plain, play drums, and at the same time ski. That is why we can’t use the entire 100% of our brain.

It is Better to Walk Than Run in the Rain

We are taught that we should run whenever there is some danger. That is why some of us always try to run from the rain, thinking that it would also save us from raindrops and we would not get wet. However, there was an experiment that proved the opposite. The experiment was held in windy and calm conditions. In both of those cases, the subject that walked stayed drier.