7 Steps To Seducing Any Woman (7 Pics)

Art of seduction is not called ‘art’ for no particular reason. In order to seduce someone, you need to play your best A-game out there – this list will help you out with that.

We’ve done all the hard work of finding the best possible moves available, you just need to figure which ones suit you best. With the right combination of moves, you can seduce literally anyone in a matter of minutes.

Your eye contact

If you manage to play things right with your eyes, you’re halfway there. Eye contact is key to seducing people. The passions stare will let them know that you’re all in.

You don’t necessarily have to make it a staring contest, just make sure that the passion in your eyes does the speaking for you.

Shift your gaze to her lips

If you’ve ever met an A-game player, you know the power of “gaze and shift”. For this to work, you need the perfect passion stare. Not a moment too long, or a too short.

Once you’re done with passion in your eyes, shift down to her lips. Stare for a while, then “uncomfortably” look away like you can sense they’re looking at you.

Bite you lower lip

Did you think biting the lower lip works on guys only? The effect works both ways just as well. And this is the second most important role in your flawless art of seduction.

Once you know that they’re looking at you, give your lower lip a passionate, yet innocent bite. Playing with lips is considered extremely seductive – it’s the Trump card of your A-game.

Let them chase you

We all know that gently brushing up against them can get you a long way, mainly because you’re indicating that you’re into them. But that doesn’t mean you should sit in her lap.

Now that you have her attention, let her chase you a bit. You’ve already sent their competitive instinct into overdrive, so try to chat with a bartender. Ignore them for a while. Let them process the hype from within. Sparks will fly with, guaranteed.

Be the master of your voice

The third part of your seduction is your voice. You need to master the tone of your voice. Keep your pace slow and your volume low – should be easy to remember.

However, try not to be over-seductive (yes, it’s possible) because you will probably turn her away. And try not to whisper, they might think your sick or something.

Talk a little dirty, but keep your compliments subtle

Once you get the conversation rolling, pace your compliments. Throwing a dirty thought every once in a while and combining them with compliments will make you even more attractive.

Dirty talk usually means that you’re stepping up your game while compliments let her know that you respect her as a lady. Just make sure you’re going with the flow – little naughty never hurt nobody.

Creat the perfect awkward situation

To seal the deal, you need to make an awkward situation. Spilling a drink on her usually does the trick. It allows you to lean in and clean it, get real close for the finisher.

This is your ‘make it or break it’ moment when you need to combine what you’ve learned. When you lean in, look into her eyes, bit your lip a bit. Let her know that what will happen next.

And if you followed the steps as said, combine them at the right moment, you will seal the deal. If you fail, it means that you need to work harder on your A-game.

SOURCE: culturehook.com