9 Simple Ways To Figure Out That Someone is Lying To You (12 Pics)

Do you remember a great TV series called, “Lie to Me”? It is a series about a man who helps the police in reading people’s honesty. He is basically a living, breathing lie detector.

Well, there is a whole science behind reading people’s reactions, a tone of their voice, and answers they give. We have gathered a couple of examples where you can read honesty from other people’s answers.

Vague Answers

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If the answer you get seems a little bit vague, that could be a sign of lies. Try to make that person stick firmly to the subject you are talking about. Make that person give you a more direct answer. “Yes” and “No” are the most obvious truths.

Exaggerated Honesty

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If a person you are asking the question is trying to exaggerate its honesty, that is one of the most obvious signs of lies. If he/ she swears he/she has nothing to do with the situation, he/ she is lying.

Answering Questions With More Questions

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If the person you are talking to is dodging the direct answer, it is trying to deceive you. They will most probably try to ask you more questions, instead of answering. That is a sign of lies.


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It is difficult not to believe someone who is trying to help you and who understands you. Don’t fall for it! That person is maybe trying to trick you!

One Man Show

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If someone is trying too hard to convince you of its innocence, he or she is maybe trying to deceive you. It is in human nature to quickly change emotions. But if that someone acts surprised for a longer period of time, it might be trying too hard…


If someone is making long pauses or it needs more time than usual to answer your question, he or she is trying to lie to you. Those are clear signs of lies, especially if the question is simple.

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Repeating The Asked Question

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If a person repeats your question a couple of times, he or she is trying to lie to you.


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If someone is acting all hostile to you, and if even starts insulting you, he or she is lying to you. Don’t give up because that is the exact thing that person is trying to achieve. Try to calm things down and then ask the question again.

Avoiding The Answer

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If a person is trying to avoid the answer and even change the subject, he or she is trying to lie. Pay attention to those signs.

You can also pay attention to the person’s facial expressions, just like in, “Lie To Me”.

1. An asymmetrical Face – When a person is calm, it’s body is not moving and its facial expressions are symmetrical. However, if a person is lying, the body is active.
2. Constant swallowing of saliva, coughing, and a pretty stiff facial expression – Those are all signs that a person is lying and it is worried about it.
3. Eyes moving from side to side – This can also be a sign of shyness. However, if the person is clearly not shy, it is probably lying to you.

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4. If eyes are looking at the top right corner – This means that a person is improvising a lie.
5. If the person is scratching the nose, earlobe or the eyelid.
6. If the person is holding its palm on the face, neck, or a forehead – That means that the person you are talking to is trying to hide something.
7. If the person is looking down and shaking the head.
8. If the person has a finger in the mouth – This means that the person wants the truth to be revealed.


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This guy is having fun and he doesn’t have anything to hide. His smile is sincere and he even his eyes are smiling. We can see that because his eyes have wrinkles when he smiles.

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Don’t judge someone’s honesty by the appearances. Liars are always trying to be convincing. Use the tips we have provided.


Even if you caught two mistakes, that doesn’t mean that someone is lying to you. However, if you are able to catch 5 or more mistakes, that person is lying.

Good luck!