A Japanese Artist Draws Feelings Everyone Has Encountered at Least Once But Couldn’t Describe (21 Pics)

One Japanese artist who calls himself “avogado6” has been making illustrations that depict human feelings in a very vivid way. Many of these feelings are very difficult to explain in words and that is why these illustrations are so special.

The author is very mysterious. We only know that he is a chemist, and you can see that in the last illustration.

The Silence

When You Try to Save Something That Needs to Be Forgotten

When You Simply Want To Spread Over Your Bed Like a Butter

When You Lose Your Wings

When You Feel So Tired And Worn out

When You Realize That Time Has no Mercy

When You Have to Put Yourself Together Piece by Piece


When You Run Out of Energy

When You Realize How Fragile You Are

When You Lock Your Heart

When Everything Is Against You and You Can’t Move


This is Apathy

When You Need To Stop Listening To Others

When You Meet the Love of Your Life

My Trauma and I

When Only The ON LINE You is Perfect

When You Realize That Your Job Is Draining Your Life


Bonus – We All Have Our Special Way To Filter the Misfortune