A Ship That Went Missing 90 Years Ago In Bermuda Triangle Strangely Reappeared. Take A Look (5 Pics)

1. The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle does not need any introduction. If you ever read anything upon the biggest unsolved mysteries in the world, I am sure Bermuda Triangle would’ve topped that list!

It is famous for sucking in (mysteriously) anything and everything that comes in it’s area. Right from flights to ships, everything has lost it’s way in here. But what happened recently might just be the curse breaker for this scary place.

2. The Reappeared Ship

Apparently, something happened that this Triangle is not really known for. A ship that was lost recently reappeared magically behind the winds within the waves.

Well, this is no joke my friends. On a very serious note, a ship just reappeared mysteriously out of nowhere.

3. Was First Spotted On

The Cuban Coast Guard announced that they had intercepted an unmanned ship heading for the island, which is presumed to be the SS Cotopaxi, a tramp steamer which vanished in December 1925 and has since been connected to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. See, told y’ll, I was serious!

This ship was first spotted on May 16, near a restricted military zone, west of Havana by the Cuban authorities! They made many unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the crew, and finally mobilized three patrol boats to intercept it.

4. When It First Vanished

On 29 November 1925, the SS Cotopaxi departed Charleston, South Carolina, and headed towards Havana, Cuba. The ship had a crew of 32 men, under the command of Captain W. J. Meyer, and was carrying a cargo of 2340 tons of coal.

It was reported missing two days later, and was unheard of for almost 90 years. When the ship was first lost, no one must’ve imagined that it’ll reappear 90 years later in such condition. But to everyone’s surprise, it did!

5. The Investigation

The Vice President of Council of Ministers, General Abelardo Colome, announced that the Cuban authorities were going to conduct a thorough investigation to elucidate the mystery of the ship’s disappearance and reappearance.

After this incident, the scientists are already excited about the new pattern of research they’ll conduct in the area. Let’s wait an watch if some more missing things resurface back in this area! Hopefully!