A Study Says That Marriages Having Taller Men And Shorter Women Are The Happiest (5 Pics)

Love and happiness in love are the two interconnected states. One can’t exist without the other. However, we can’t explain either of those states. That is an unfortunate thing, but we are not smarter than thousands of wise people who tried to explain it. I mean, everyone can have their own opinion about love, but no one has the exact same one. That is probably because of the great influence our experience has on every individual. Every individual is different, the experience tends to be different too, thus we all experience love differently. However, since the dawn of men, those wise people said lots of things about love. Those words have echoed through history to this day. In spite of the fact that time changes, people change, this world has changed, but love hasn’t. It is still that universal engine that drives us through the best and worst and the one thing that everyone knows, but no one can explain.

In the midst of all those philosophical questions and theories about love and happiness, one Professor at the Konkuk University of Seoul, South Korea, Dr. Kitae Sohn, did a long-term population study among a great number of Indonesian Women and came to a conclusion that height plays a significant role in achieving happiness in love. Apparently, Indonesian women are happiest when they have a taller partner. That small detail got us interested so we wanted to research that topic.


This is not the first research for Dr. Kitae Sohn. He actually did many types of research on the family, health, education, and the US history. For those projects, he had to analyze data from the US, South Korea, and Indonesia. This particular study was done in Indonesia with the help of almost 7,850 women.

Dr. Kitae Sohn already knew that women prefer taller men because of all the evolutionary factors, but he wanted to find out if the height of a man actually makes a woman happy. Surprisingly, he found a correlation of these two.



This study didn’t just show the simple correlation between the happiness of a woman and a height of their partner, but it also pointed a couple of interesting details. One of them is that happiness which was related to the height of the man starts to fade after exactly 18 years of a relationship. After that period, couples have to work on their relationships like any other couple out there.

Dr. Kitae Sohn says that women are happy when they get what they like. That is why women are happy when they get a taller man for themselves. They choose taller men instinctively. Women believe that taller men are much stronger, and thus more capable.


However, Height is Not Enough!

Don’t think that height is everything. If there is something wrong in relationships, height is not going to make them last longer. Dr. Sohn explained that if a husband treats his wife badly, then his height has zero influence on the relationship. That may the main reason why relationships start losing their “flame” after some time. With time, if a woman notices some negative moments in her partner’s behavior, her happiness will go down. In other words, the height of a man is not enough if other aspects of the relationship go bad.


Women Who Have Shorter Husbands Don’t Need to Worry

Those women which husbands (partners) are not much taller than them or even shorter than they are, don’t need to worry about a thing. That study does have some interesting data that goes in favor of tall men, but there are some studies which actually do the same for the short men. According to some studies done at the New York University, short men do much more housework than tall men. That has to count for something.

The second interesting detail about these studies is that Dr. Sohn did his study by studying the Indonesian women, and sociologists from New York studied a total of 3033 heterosexual couples from the USA.

That second study defined the height of short guys to not more than 5 ft 6 inches. They found that shorter men did an hour of household work more than their taller counterparts. And this study also claims that shorter men do marry late, but they never get divorced.

And there is one more special thing about the short men. According to some statistics, shorter men outlive the tall men. There is some gene in them that actually gives them 2 more years of life.


Does it Really Matter?!

“The BEST LOVE is the kind that awakens the soul; That makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.”

The Notebook

If we really want to talk about statistic numbers, there is a blogger at yourtango.com, Michelle Toglia, who says that chances of finding the love of their life increase by three times if women decide not to go for really tall men. They should at least go for the average height and that is 5ft 9inches.

In the end, we should all listen to our heart. Maybe that sounds cheesy, but that is the only way. If you like someone only because you do and you can’t explain that, just go for it! Love is happiness, and that is the only right way to live this life.


What do you say? Do you prefer tall men or short men? Or you really don’t care about height?!