Biggest Movie Mistakes From Recent Movies That You Probably Missed (8 Pics)

We watch films because of the story they are telling to us, and because of the special effects. Ok, truth to be told, there is much more about it, but in the middle of all those different qualities of a film, we hardly ever notice the mistakes. And believe me, every single film has plenty of mistakes. In the end, we are all human beings and it is totally normal for us to make mistakes.

Those mistakes are easily noticeable if you care to notice them, or if you happen to watch a movie a couple of times. And when you notice those mistakes, you somehow feel accomplished.

We have gathered a list of movie mistakes that you have (probably) missed.

Star Wars: “The Empire Strikes Back”

There is a scene in this film where Lie is climbing up the imperial walker. It is an awesome scene, but there is a minor mistake. If you watch really closely, you can see the stick that was being used by the crew to actually move the model of the walker around.

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Wonder Woman

In one of the scenes, the Wonder Woman raises her hands and shows off her cleanly shaved armpits. That was noticed as a mistake by the Wonder Woman’s fans who couldn’t understand where on Earth the Wonder Woman would have found a razor to shave her armpits in the time that the movie took place.

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The Dark Knight Rises

Whoever spotted this mistake is either a true fan or he/she watched this film only to look for mistakes. The thing is that this mistake is actually a small typo on a page of a newspaper. This is shown in a scene in which Bruce Wayne is researching the jewel thief.

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The Pirates Of The Caribbean: “The Curse of the Black Pearl”

This is a classic mistake and it can be seen in many different films. When Jack says “On Deck, You Scabrous Dogs!,” if you look closely you can see a crew member with a cowboy hat and a t-shirt walking behind the Jack Sparrow.

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The Avengers

There is plenty of things happening in this film. You have a nice, good story, a number of superheroes, and how can you notice a mistake in all of that. Besides that, it has plenty of state of the art CGI. But, in spite of all that money that was spent for the production of this film “Captain” somehow magically cleans his uniform. What happened was that Captain America got hit in the huge battle against the Chitauri, and he was hit by a blaster bolt. His suit was heavily damaged. However, when Iron Man destroys the Chitauri, “Captain” has a brand new suit….

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Toy Story

When the Pez Duck is lowered down through the removed lightbulb hole to ring the doorbell, the light bulb was bigger than the hole… that was an act of cartoon’s magic!

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Wonder Woman – Mistake Number 2

Don’t get us wrong, Wonder Woman was a great movie, but that can’t stop us find any errors if there are some. Well, during the scene in which Chris Pine’s character, Steve Trevor was getting out of the bath, and was getting dressed, you could clearly hear the sound of the zipper as he was putting on his pants. Well, zippers weren’t used during that time.

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Forest Gump

This movie has that story that simply sticks you to the chair and it doesn’t let you go until the very end of the movie. However, it does have some minor movie mistakes. When Forrest goes to visit Jenny and meet his son, there is an iron in the background. That iron is first standing up, then laying down, then it is up again. And also, in that same scene, the kid’s artwork magically disappears from the background.

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