Brutal Cold Weather Is Going To Take Over The Country (4 Pics)

We all like this mild weather outside. We can easily enter our vehicles without any fuss that is usual for this time of a year. There is no ice on our doors and engines start pretty easily. However, don’t get too comfortable because winter is coming! At least that is what meteorologists are predicting. They say that we have to prepare for a dramatic temperature drop and, in fact, freezing days.

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According to meteorologists, a polar vortex is approaching and it is going to envelop huge chunks of our country. And it doesn’t seem that it is going to fool around. This arctic winter is going to hit us with all of her strength.

That means that you need to pull out all your winter clothes! According to some sources, the temperatures are going to drop from 15 to 20 degrees below the average temperatures for this time of year. And don’t think that this will go away sometime soon.

The AccuWeather predicts that this extremely cold weather is going to hit the Northern Plains first and then it is going to continue eastward sometime during the mid-December.

That sudden temperature drop is inevitably going to bring lots of snow. So, be prepared to take a shovel and join your entire neighborhood when this arctic storm hits your area.


Don’t expect that this weather is going to miss you or somehow be milder towards your city. The ABC News Senior Meteorologist, Max Golembo predicts some serious storms hitting the Pacific Southwest and even reaching the West Coast. The region that is going to feel the lowest temperatures of this “arctic blast” is going to be the area from the Great Lakes down through the Ohio and Tennessee valleys.

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This warm weather spoiled us a bit and perhaps we do need to be reminded of what real winter looks like. In the end, it is that time of a year reserved for hot chocolates, coffees, warm sweaters, fleece, and the softest and thickest blankets you have.

That is why you need to make sure you’ve prepared appropriately for this cold weather and you don’t want any surprises. Make some nice tea, sit in front of your fireplace with someone you love and prepare for the coldest season of the year. Winter is finally knocking on our doors.

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