By Moving Only 2 Matches, What Is The Biggest Possible Number You Can Make? (5 Pics)

This arrangement of matchsticks makes up number 508. Now you have to try and exercise your brain to come up with the highest possible. However, you’re only allowed to move two matchsticks from the arrangement.

This rather simple test will show you how creative you can get with a problem and whether you think in unconventional ways or not. Now, put your grey matter to some use and try to find the highest digit you could form while being allowed to move only two matchsticks.

If you have tried the different possibilities and have come up with different answers as to the highest number possible we are quite certain the list of answers we have is going to trump your digit.

The highest three digit number is 999

If you rearranged the matchsticks from the second and third digit you will be having 999 as the highest three digit number you could achieve. Taking the matchstick of figure zero and moving it to make 9 and taking away one matchstick of figure eight and placing it on 5 to make it into a 9.

However, if you have come up with this answer we want to inform you that the possibilities are still endless provided you really burn those grey cells and think out of the box.

Challenging the conventional thinking and trying to look at the bigger picture while creatively coming up with an answer requires a little bit of imagination.

The number 51181

Yup, that is another possibility which requires a little creative thinking and a little bit of inspiration. This was not even that difficult.

You just had to move the top and bottom matchstick of the middle zero of original digit 508 to make two ones as shown in the picture. You have got yourself a five digit number which easily overshadows 999.

However what if we really take a stroll outside the box and come up with even more possibilities, because it would be sweet to stretch your brain and see if you fit the bill of being a radical thinker.

Number 81151 which really makes your brain to go creative in high gear

By moving the top and bottom matches from the middle zero of the 508 digit and making a one in the beginning to get the number 15118. Now, normally you must have given up at this point thinking this is the only possibility.

However, you are only not allowed to move more than two matchsticks so as a stroke of genius you simply flip the image to get the number 81151. Nobody said you cannot do that so yes this is another possible answer and a tad bit tricky too.

However, the most brilliant minds would have actually gone into the possibilities we are going to show now. We are quite certain most of you would not have even thought about doing this with your two allocated matchsticks.

The answer 5 to the power of 118

You were after all allowed to disturb two matchsticks from the original digit of 508. Kudos to you if you really thought of this one as it is simply brilliant yet under the rules.

You simply take two matchsticks of the figure zero from top and bottom resulting in two ones making 118 and making the power sign with your two matchsticks resulting in the above figure.

And the best possible answer: infinity

By moving the match in the middle of digit 8 you make the division sign resulting in 50 by 0 meaning infinity.