Can You Crack Out This Simple Math Equation Which Is Breaking The Internet? (1 Pic)

If you are not into solving mathematical puzzles, try to chill a bit and try to crack this lovely puzzle who has caught everyone in discussion.

It’s all about mind:

This, on the first glance, a simple equation has managed to leave people confused and it’s gone viral on social media. Users are divided over what is the correct answer to this puzzle.

Let’s get back to school days:

Many of us liked to solve these simple math problems when we were young, but this puzzle doesn’t look that easy for you, except you are maybe still at school. Let’s go through this and see what is the possible answer with 6 ÷ 2(1+2)?

What some people think is the correct answer?

The vast majority of people say that answer is either 1 or 9. Some even say it is 0, 3, or even 6, but if you came up with any of those three numbers, you’re on a wrong way, buddy! The reason why 9 and 1 are given as the main answers lays in fact how people were taught to do math.

But the answer is not what you think

However, in the end only one solution can be correct and if your answer was 9 then well done, you solved it properly! I bet you wonder why this equation has caused so much confusion that its managed to make so much discussion about it!

It’s normal to forget how to do math problems like this one and it’s actually inevitable. Other than simple addition and subtraction, most of us don’t do the complex math once we’re done with school. If and when we do need to solve something above our abilities, Google has the answer, or maybe calculator like in this case.

Let’s all find out why “9” is the correct answer

It’s fascinating and quite interesting how one equation can end up causing such a confusion. People are really passionate about what they think is the correct answer and how equation should be solved. But, at the end, it shows us that even what we view as simple math isn’t as straightforward and predictable as it may look like at the first glance. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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