Can You Solve This Math Problem That Is Stumping The Internet?

This is one more opportunity for us to make you think. And this one is not so difficult; however, there were lots of similar “easy” math problems which complete confused all the grownups. And those math problems were allegedly made for six graders or younger.

This math problem that we have prepared for you today is something that has already made a lot of “social network’s” users to scratch their heads. There were many wrong answers but one guy got it right. Can you?

Why Do We Always Try To Prove Our Intelligence?

People don’t know what to do with their spare time, so we have tons of material to work with. Do you remember one particular problem of a correct wrong answer that we had last year? It was a math test based on pure logic, and the kid answered correctly, but he was wrong.


Is this “mistake” really that serious? Why did he lose a point on this test?

Well when you think about it, the teacher was right. 4×6 is number 6 four times.

After that one, we had a problem that at least I find difficult even now.

To answer this one, you need to know the good old “order of operations” acronym “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.

If you can’t remember the order of operations you need to review what you thought you knew and try it again. If you don’t have enough time for that, just click here.

What is The Latest Problem?

This easy math problem caused some serious problems on “social networks.”

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According to the source, this math problem is intended for 6 to 7-year-old children.

Try to solve it. You have exactly seven minutes. If you think you got it, or you don’t know the answer continue reading.


Ready for the Answer!?!?!

The Answer is…


So what was the real problem?
This wouldn’t be such a big deal if it weren’t posted on a “parents against primary testing facebook page.” The parent who posted it insisted that the answer was 46. He claimed that the question was too difficult for the students!

However, the real answer is 65!

If you need a proof for that, just make an equation.

X – 19 + 17 = 63
X – 2 = 63
X = 63 + 2
X = 65

We, grownups know how to use algebra and 7-year-olds don’t. However, even if you have to use some good old logic, you will get to the same result. There is no need to complicate things, and we, humans, obviously complicate everything.

If you take 19 people and subtract 17, you get two people. That is the difference between the ones who went out and the ones that got in. Add that to 63 and you have 65. Simple as that!

Just to make it clear, all the people that wrote the wrong answer, deleted their posts. I rest my case!!!