Cancer Symptoms That Are Almost Always Ignored (8 Pics)

Cancer is a deadly and highly unpredictable disease. It can attack anyone at any time. And although there are some forms of cancer that are treatable, the modern medicine doesn’t have a true answer for it.

One of the major problems is time. Sooner you discover cancer, the more successful the treatment is.

We are going to list some of the most common symptoms that are associated with cancer, but having those symptoms doesn’t mean that you have cancer. You can check some pretty good websites which are professionally dealing with this disease like,, and And if you notice some of the symptoms, please see your doctor and don’t rush to some conclusions.

Chronic Fatigue

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It is ok when you are tired after a long day at work, or if you haven’t had some good rest for a while. However, extreme tiredness even after a sufficient rest could be a symptom of some sort of cancer like leukemia, stomach cancer, and colon cancer.

Unexpected and Sudden Weight Loss

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If you are someone who is not on some serious diet or if you are not someone who is physically active, and in spite of that you are losing weight, you might have some sort of cancer. This occurs to those who are diagnosed with pancreas cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, and esophagus cancer.


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Cancer affects the immune system and that makes it hard for the body to fight any kind of infection. That could result in a fever.


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If you are experiencing an extreme pain in some part of your body without an obvious reason, that could be a symptom of some sort of cancer. Bone cancer or testicular cancer are causing a severe pain. And if you develop a headache that doesn’t want to go away even with a good rest and medications, it could be a sign of a brain cancer. (You should know that these symptoms aren’t a definite sign of cancer. That is why you should see a doctor as soon as you suspect on something.)

Sores That Do Not Heal

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Skin Cancer is followed by sores that don’t heal. Long lasting sores in the mouth are sometimes a symptom of oral cancer and sores in the genital area could be a sign of some kind of infection or an early sign of cancer.

White Spots in the Mouth

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White patches in your mouth or on your tongue could be some kind of infection or caused by your weak immune system. However, if they don’t go away after a certain time, they could be a symptom of leukoplakia. That is a pre-cancerous phase and it is caused by a frequent irritation. It is often caused by tobacco and can, eventually, develop into cancer.

Unusual Bleeding

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I don’t have to tell you that blood is a bad sign. If you start coughing blood, or if there is blood in your stool or in urine, ask for medical health immediately!!

Brittle Nails

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If your nails are starting to deteriorate, or if there is a strange bruise on your nail (and you can’t remember any injuries), then that could mean skin cancer or nail cancer.