Dad’s Hilarious Showdown With Icy Driveway Has Wife Cracking Up (3 Pics + VIDEO)

Laughter is a cure for the soul. And during these cold, freezing months it can even have a warming effect on our bodies and we can forget about the winter even though only for a moment.

Sometimes we laugh at our loved ones. That laughter maybe seems cruel but it somehow coming straight from our hearts. Of course, causes for such laughter are not evil, because we simply love to giggle on the expanse of someone we love. Well, one mom from the United Kingdom learned that this winter. She only asked her husband to take the trash cans out, however, that was a “mission impossible” for her husband. She had no idea that this tiny task is going to be a time of her life.

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When she saw what was really happening, she used her camera and filmed this hilarious moment where we can see her husband Alun Miles trying to move their trash can from one section of the driveway to the curb. The problem was the frozen driveway.

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As the entire family was laughing in their house, pool Alun was trying his best not to be like Bambi on ice. He takes a few steps forward and slides a dozen steps backward, right where he started. And to make everything even worse, that was a race against the garbage truck that was driving to their gate. However, Alun didn’t want to give up and he tried a couple of different methods, but without any success.

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We are not sure why this is so funny, but the fact is that it is! And just watch him as he discovers the only way to the gate! It is hilarious!