Eight Crucial Tricks For Making Your Eyes More Expressive (8 Pics)

One of the first things anyone sees on someone is their eyes. That is why girls always try to make their eyes special. The most common way to do that is the makeup. These are some of the top tips of how to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Put An Accent On Your Eyebrows


Eyebrows are one of the main decorations of the face. Use an eyebrow pencil, wax, or shadows in order to enhance them.


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This one gives a glowing look to your skin. To express your eyes and to make them more noticeable, use a highlighter on your eyebrows and apply some on the inner corners of the eyes.



Arrows have always been a good move and they will never go out of style. Take an eye pencil or an eyeliner and draw those lines!

Smoky Eyes

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Nowadays, smoky eyes are one of the most popular makeup techniques. You can use it in every time of day and it really expresses your eyes.

White Eye Pencil

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If you want to make your eyes look bigger, just put one small dot in the corner of your eye (with a white pencil) and bled it well. The second way to do that is to use the white pencil on the lower inner rim of the eye (by moving from the outer corner of the eye to the inner one).

Curled Eyelashes


Simply use a curler with your eyelashes.

Give Your Eyelashes a Little Bit of Length

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Take your mascara, place the wand at the very base of your lashes and, while looking up, move the wand up.

Nude Lipstick

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To really enhance your eyes try not to use any bright lipstick. You can use some shiny lip gloss or nude lipstick instead.