He Finally Got ‘The Perfect Shot’ After 6 Years and 720,000 Pictures (7 Pics)

The perfect shot

The perfect shot is in the most of the situations the one you never get. But not for this photographer. He insisted on it, until he really did it.

6 years to get it

It took him 6 years, and more than 700.000 shots. But Alan McFadyen, a Scotland based wildlife photographer was determined to get it.

The news

His “perfect shot” photograph of a kingfisher diving into a lake caught the full attention of the media.

The story

He wanted to recreate an image he remembered from the time when he was a child. His grandfather took him to see a kingfisher nesting spot when he was a little boy.

A childhood memory

He saw a kingfisher dive into the water, and he never forgot that special moment.

Many long hours in the hide

It took him more than 4,200 long hours in the hide to capture that shot.


He had TONS of patience to get this picture he wanted all these years because the female kingfisher only dives 5 times a day. And now 40 years after, he finally accomplished the promise he gave to his grandfather.

Images source: amazingplacetovisit.com