Hero Humpback Whale Saves Marine Biologist Diver From 20 Foot Long Tiger Shark (12 Pics + VIDEO)

We humans, in general, don’t trust animals. That is that belief that animals, wild animals, in particular, are very dangerous and humans should kill them before those animals even think of attacking. However, it is obvious that some wild animals would attack you instantly if you meet them in the wild. But there is a reason we call that “wild” animals. They are not used to humans and for a vast majority of those animals, we are invaders. They have never met any of us because we kill almost every animal we see! And on the other hand, we have humans who were given that evolutionary gift of intelligence and superiority. We should use that gift to protect this planet because this planet is the only home we’ve got and those animals are a part of that same planet. One can’t live without the other.

However, we have an interesting story for you. This is a story where roles switched for a moment. A human was in an “alien” environment where other creatures rule, and in that environment, one beast saved the life of one human. Interesting?


A woman that has been diving for her entire life found herself in a close vicinity of a tiger shark when suddenly two whales appeared from nowhere and saved her life. A whale, whose species has been haunted since forever, saved the life of a human.


What Happened?

That whale biologist is Nan Hauser, 63-years-old. She was studying Humpback whales her entire life.

This incident happened in October 2017 while she was on her routine study of whales in the South Pacific. To be more precise, she was near Muri Beach Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. That is where she had a brief encounter with a dangerous shark.


This is How Protective Animals Can Really Be

While Nan was diving in a deep water, looking for marine life, a 15 foot Tiger shark silently approached her. That was when two humpback whales rushed to her rescue. One of those whales was diverting that shark, while the other one was gently pushing Nan to her safety.

This story is not only interesting for those scientists. It is something that will help us all to better understand those animals. And this is not the only example of compassionate animals. But it is one of the most important ones because we need to stop killing whales if we don’t want to exterminate them. And this video might help.


She Didn’t Even Notice The Shark

Nan was not even aware of the shark’s presence. Because of its size, she thought that it was just another whale. However, she soon realized a tail movement that was not common to a whale but to a shark and that she was in a serious danger.

That is the moment when the whale approached her and kept pushing her with its nose over 10 minutes! That is not usual for whales, and even though Nan is an expert on whales, she had never seen that kind of a behavior.


It Was Only Trying To Protect Her

Nan has been a marine biologist for 28 years and this is the first time that a whale started pushing her, “I have spent over 28 years underwater with these creatures, and I have never had a whale so tactile and so insistent on trying to tuck me under his huge pectoral fin.”

She did try to move away, but that was not possible. That whale was too persistent!


She Tried Her Best

Nan was really scared for her life. She was aware of the whale’s strength and she knew that if the whale rammed her too hard or accidentally hit her with its flippers or tail, it could smash her bones or even kill her. And if that whale was successful in placing her under its pectoral fin, she would have drowned. But whale didn’t know that. It only wanted to keep her safe.


Humpbacks are Protective in Nature

According to this marine biologist, Humpbacks like to help and protect other species. They also hide seals under their pectoral fins when protecting them from sharks and other predators. She said, “They truly display altruism – sometimes at the risk of losing their own lives.”


Whatever You Do, Don’t Panic!

Nan said that she tried to remain calm even though she was panicking with every cell of her body, “I stayed calm to a point but I was sure that it was most likely going to be a deadly encounter.” However, she trusts these creatures and she was trying to figure out how to escape.


That Shark Was 20 Feet Long

Nan says that she was occupied with her whales and that is why she didn’t notice the shark. Fishermen that did notice that shark swimming in those waters said that it was large as a pickup truck. Others say that it was 20 feet long.

When Nan spoke about this incident she said, “It is funny how tables are turned. I have spent the past 28 years protecting whales, and now a whale saved my life, and I didn’t even notice.” However, she is aware of the nature of these animals. She said that even dolphins have that tendency to save humans.


Research About The Protective Nature Of Whales and Dolphins

There have been all kinds of scientific evidence and incidents that actually prove how dolphins and whales save humans. They actually live lives similar to humans, and they owe that to large brains and advanced intellect. That is why they like to help other species, and not only humans.


She Has to Be Thankful

There is a video footage of that incident. And although we can’t actually see the shark, we can see how much effort that whale invested in keeping Nan under its protection. The whale was aware of the danger and it knew that human might be the shark’s next victim.

Nan has to be thankful for that intervention. She was able to inform her team about the danger once he surfaced. She also said that there was another Humpback whale that was trying to create a distraction while the other whale was trying to push her to safety.


Scientists are Hoping That he Is Going To Create Some Sort of Awareness

You can’t see things like this every day. And biologists are hoping that this will create awareness about the importance of these animals. It can at least create some kind of conscience that whaling is a bad thing! If that doesn’t happen, countries like Norway, Iceland, and Japan are going to continue killing these beautiful animals. And although there are groups that are fighting (literally fighting) whalers countries are doing nothing to stop that rampant whaling. Let’s just say that in 100 years, number of whales (globally) has dropped from 3 million to 2 million. That is one-third of the entire species lost in one century.


You can watch the entire thing in the video below: