Is this Bus Moving Left Or Right? Most Adults Can’t Solve This Puzzle, But Kids Can! (3 Pics)

We all know that puzzles and riddles are there to train our brains, to keep it “in shape”. However, puzzles and riddles have been used as IQ tests too! Some of those tests have a psychological purpose while others are strictly there to test the intelligence. This one is really interesting because of its difficulty.

Can You Tell Which Direction is This Bus Heading?

This is a simple IQ test, made for young children. You can see that there isn’t much information on the picture as to which side of the bus is front and which is back. However, children almost always get this one right, even though grownups have some difficulties.

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Adults Can’t Solve This Puzzle!

One of the reasons kids (12 and under) can solve this almost without any effort is their sense of visual cues. They see things differently from grown adults. Can You See The Solution?!

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The Bus is Traveling To The Left!

Well, when I first saw this picture, the first things I looked at were its wheels. I’ve noticed that wheels are closer to the right side of their arches. In my mind, that meant that the bus is moving to the left. However, children have a much simpler answer.

Buses have their doors on the right. This bus doesn’t have any visible doors, so they must be on the other side. That means that this is the left side of the bus and, therefore, the bus is moving to the left.

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How did you do it?