It Turns Out That Traveling Makes Us Far Happier Than Anything Else Money Can Buy

Have you ever wondered why do we all rush out to shops as soon as we have some money in our wallets? Well, that is of course because that makes us happy. Whenever we buy something it somehow refreshes our lives but that satisfaction and happiness dissipates with time. And it is gone in a matter of days. We tried to explore this subject and found some interesting facts.

Allegedly, the main cause for your happiness is an adaptation. We like to adapt to something new and that is the “fresh” part. As soon as we get used to something, the level of happiness and life satisfaction starts to fade and we are forced to search for the next thing we can buy. That goes on and on. That is why you have so many things that you actually don’t need.

There have been many studies on that topic. One of them has been carried out at Cornell University and they actually found a way to break that useless cycle. One of the professors at that University, Thomas Gilovich found something better than shopping which actually brings the same kind of satisfaction but that satisfaction lasts much longer. He actually found out that traveling is much better than shopping because we gain experience and new memories from it. Those memories and experience will stay with us forever.

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If you invest in travels, going to some unusual events, learning new skills or new sports disciplines you gain fuel for the true happiness. Some new gadget or a new car gets old but every new memory becomes a part of you and your personality and it will never disappear.

Cover Photo Credit – Jimmy Tran