Man Moving Into New House Finds A Dog Chained Up In The Basement (3 Pics + VIDEO)

Imagine that you buy a house, and find a living creature chained inside the house. What would you do? Well, that happened to a homeowner who was just getting ready to move into his new home.

Earlier this month (March 2018) guys from Stray Rescue of St. Louis received a call from that homeowner. He said that he just bought a house and realized that there was a pit bull tied up in the basement of that new house. He said, “I am not even sure how long she has been down there”.

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They were told that a homeless man used that as a shelter and that he left some garbage, debris and this beautiful dog behind him. Luckily, they found her in time and she couldn’t be happier because of that.

The group’s communications director, Natalie Thomson said, “When we entered the basement and shined our flashlight down, the only thing we could saw was a happy wagging tail. And she was nearly choking herself because she was really excited to see us and she really wanted to get out. She couldn’t stop jumping out of happiness.”

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The identity of the person that left her there is unknown. They couldn’t find any water bowls and the dog wasn’t spayed and chipped. And because of her reaction, we named her Jumping Bean!”

We have a video of the moment when they rescued her. Her excitement is simply indescribable.

And this dog is really friendly. Her initial reaction and the reaction once she saw their car is something that gives away her true friendly nature. She is simply “eager to be loved and happy all the time!”

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If you like this dog or what these people do for the dogs like “Jumping Bean”, you can make a donation to support her rescuers. Just visit their webpage and learn more about it.