Man Sells Pens On The Street to Survive. Then a Stranger Takes This Photo of His Daughter (5 Pics)

War is something I am familiar with. It is a product of evil people, of some incompetent people who would like to get rich really fast, without worrying about anyone else except themselves. It gets lots of money to their pockets but it leaves hundreds of thousands of people homeless looking for those necessities like food, water, clothes, and a warm place to spend the night. That exact thing is happening in Syria right now and has been happening in the last few years. It seemed like nobody cared about them until a picture that captured the true life in Syria surfaced and traveled virally through the Internet.


The main hero of this story is Abdul Halim al-Attar. He is a citizen of Syria but of Palestinian origin. He lost everything in this war, and he practically became homeless. The conflict made him a refugee in his own country and he started looking for a new life, together with his wife and daughter. However, that was too difficult for his wife so she left him and their little daughter.


He Didn’t Want To Give Up

His wife did leave him and he did lose everything he had, except one major thing – his 4-year-old daughter. She is his strength and there wasn’t any future for her in Syria, so he continued moving forward.


What Else Could He Have Done?

To save his little daughter, he did the only thing available for him to make money and take care of her. As a single father and no place to live, he carried her throughout the city and sold pens on a roadside in the southern part of Damascus.


An Unusual Friend in Need

One day, a stranger, Gissur Simonarson took a photo of Abdul carrying his daughter through Damascus.

Gissur is a founder of Conflict News, and he immediately posted pictures on a fund-raising website, spread the word about these two and the page became flooded with all sorts of suggestions and actual offers of help.


A True Inspiration

Can you believe that a couple of pictures taken at the right moment by the right man can change this much? Simonarson practically saved two lives only by having some good will. He successfully collected $200,000 to help this father and daughter, and many other people who are in the need for such help.

Abdul and his daughter now have all they need to survive. Abdul used the money to open a bakery and soon after that a kebab shop and a small restaurant. He now employs 16 refugees in his shops and he sent some money to Syria to help his friends and some family members who are still struggling there.