Man Shockingly Wades Up To 14 Foot Great White Shark In Shallow Water (4 Pics + VIDEO)

2017 was an average year for worldwide shark attacks with 88 reported unprovoked attacks and five fatalities worldwide. However, two very interesting things happened. One of them was the discovery of the 512-years-old shark in the waters of Greenland (seriously, the shark was born in 1505) and an extremely rare sighting of a great white shark on the shores of the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. The old shark will stay old and nobody is going to bother it. But the huge great white was badly hurt and it was captured on a video.

Stranded and Injured

The great white shark was first noticed by a man named Dale Pearson who has a beach house not far from the point where the shark got stranded. From a distance, he thought that some hammerhead shark got tangles inside some fishing net, so he rushed out to help it. When he and his friend Eric Mack reached the shore, they quickly realized that the shark wasn’t the hammerhead, but the great white!

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They were both shocked as soon as they realized what kind of a creature they came to rescue. The water was extremely shallow so they could clearly see the back of the shark and a deep injury right next to its back dorsal fin, but the wound was not fatal.

The two friends determined that this shark was hit by a propeller.

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At one point, the man with a camera, Pearson, shows how close to the shore they were and how close his house actually is to that shore.

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Why The Shallows?

This shark was moving in circles and was seen in multiple occasions two days after the first sighting. It was swimming alongside the shore, hunting fish and stingrays. It was too sick to try its luck with some bigger meals. It spent some time in the shallows until it fully regenerated and swam away.

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