NASA’s Mission “Mars 2020” Will Try To Generate Oxygen On Mars (5 Pics)

NASA has never failed to amaze the world and now they are preparing for next mission which is called Mars 2020. The mission objective is, of course, to search for signs of past habitability, but also for something even more interesting. Read to find out what.

Mars 2020

The next NASA’S amazing, fascinating mission to search signs of past habitability is mission Mars 2020. Car-sized rover will be on Mars to dig up the history of this planet, by drilling its regolith. This rover will have another task to complete until February 2021.

Making of oxygen

The rover will use a process of electrolysis to start generating oxygen from atmospheric carbon dioxide. NASA Acting Chief Administrator Robert Lightfoot, Jr said: “The next lander that is going to Mars, Mars 2020, has an experiment where we are going to try and actually generate oxygen out of the atmosphere on Mars, clearly, that’s for human capability down the road,”.


NASA has been planning this task since 2014. The experiment known as MOXIE involves using up of the carbon dioxide found in abundance in the Martian atmosphere and turning it into oxygen. Simple as that. Produced oxygen may be used for breathing and to make rocket fuels for return flights to Earth.

Terraforming Mars

This actually means that the scientists will try to modify the natural environment of Mars to make it suitable for Earth-based life. Sounds cool, right? Scientists calling this a kind of longtime dream.

There are some other motives too

The Mission Mars also aims to survey the Red Planet for resources like subsurface water, that can be used to sustain future missions. The rover will also assess weather and environmental conditions that would affect future human settlements. The mission should last one Martian year or 687 days on Earth. We are praying till we wait for this mission and truly hope for its success. Good luck, NASA.

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