No One Can Solve This “Easy” Problem. Can you? (7 Pics)

Want to know how smart are you? Try to resolve this simple problem and compare the answers from other people…

#1 A Viral Brain Teaser

So this “fruit algebra” problem was going around the Internet. What do you think the answer is?

#2 Debate Debate Debate

It looks like an easy problem with the answer being 16. But people could not agree so let’s take a closer look.

#3 Three Apples Equals 30

So if three apples equals 30 then each apple must be 10.

#4 An Apple And Two Banana Bunches

So if that apple is 10 then each bunch of banana equals 4.

#5 Bananas and Coconuts

So if a bunch of bananas is 4 minus coconut equals 2 then the coconut must be 2.

#6 So What’s The Answer?

Coconut (2) plus Apple (10) plus Banana (4) equals 16.
But wait! That’s only half a coconut and the banana bunch has three instead of 4 bananas. So maybe it’s:
Coconut (1) plus Apple (10) plus Banana (3) equals 14.

#7 No Confirmation

The original source of this puzzle has been lost so we’ll never know what the actual answer is.
Do you think it’s 16, 15 or 14?