Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read These Words (16 Pics)

Have you ever wondered how well you can see? Unless you’re already wearing a pair of prescription glasses, chances are you might not actually know just how well your vision works.

If you’ve been to an eye doctor, or even just for a regular check up, you’ve probably had to read one of those charts with the random letters in various sizes.

However there have been a series of different online tests popping up that will be able to get a pretty good grasp on how well you see.

Whether it be reading words that are difficult to see, or picking out the color that differs from the others, here are 16 eye tests that you’re going to want to try.

#1 Look at the image before reading the caption! Can you tell what the word in the box says?

Some of them are a little easier than others so give it a try. If you’re stumped this one says ‘Eat’, but I’m guessing you probably got it.

#2 This one is a little harder! Try to read it without getting to close to the screen.

The trick is to allow your eyes to relax. Can you see it? The word hidden in this image is ‘Boot’.

#3 Are you getting a hang of it? See if you can read this one without looking at the answer first.

Can you tell what it says? If you look closely you should be able to read the word ‘Sweet’.

#4 Are your eyes starting to play tricks on you yet? How many have you gotten right? Can you read this one?

If you look very carefully you will be able to make out the word ‘Park’.

#5 Can you see this one? The way the color of the text pops against the blue makes this one a little easier than the others.

But if you’re still squinting, the word here says ‘Love’.

#6 Now I’m positive you’ll be stumped on this one. I promise you there really is a word written here. Can you see it?

You may have to get a little closer to the screen or look from a different angle, but the word in this square is ‘Hat’.

#7 I bet it’s starting to look more and more like there is nothing written in the boxes but I assure you there is. Take you time. Can you see it?

The word written here is Bead. It almost looks as if it’s been typed using invisible ink as you can just barely make it out.

#8 Last color word! Can you see the word? This one is probably the most difficult one to see. How many have you gotten right so far?

This last color/word test reads ‘Tree’.

#9 Another fun way to test your vision is to try and pick the odd color out. The next set of tests will be a series of colored blocks.

Your job is to find the one that’s different! Can you see it in this image?

It’s the top left corner that’s a lighter shade of green.

#10 This can get harder than it may appear. The easier tests such as this one and the one before have a vision level on par with a mole.

Can you find the odd color out?

It’s in the second row from the bottom, middle right.

#11 If you get this one right you’ll be close to the vision of a dog. Can you spot the different shade?

One technique to find the color quickly is to allow your eyes to go slightly out of focus. This may make the odd color jump out more.

The different colored box is in the bottom left corner.

#12 This one will mean you have vision on par with a cat. Can you spot it?

The more squares and subtle changes in shade makes it increasingly difficult to spot the difference.

The different colored square is in the middle row, and is the fourth square from the beginning.

#13 Last color grid! If you can spot this one, it will mean you have vision as sharp as a tiger’s.

Can you see it?

The different colored box is the top right corner. It is slightly lighter in shade.

#14 Last but not least, some color blind testing!

There will be a number in the center of the next three images. See if you can tell what it is.

The number in this circle is a seven.

#15 People who are color blind will have a difficult time being able to see the number in the circle.

Can you make it out?

In this one you should see the number forty-five.

#16 Last one! Can you make out the number in this image?

If you’ve had trouble seeing any of the images or words in this quiz, it may be time to have a check up with your eye doctor.

The longer you put strain on your eyes, the worse your vision will get. The number in this circle is a six.