Photographer Finally Snaps Perfect Shot Of Diving Kingfisher After 6 Years And 720,000 Photographs (7 Pics)

Wildlife photographer Alan McFadyen, from Scotland, recently managed to get that perfect shot he had ardently been trying to take for six whole years. He wanted to capture the exact moment when a kingfisher dived into water without causing so much as a splash. But this proved to be no easy task. Alan went to the same wild lake several times a week (100 days in a year on average) and doggedly took pictures of these magnificent birds.

1. The Perfect Shot

Usually, the perfect shot is the one you never get. But this photographer insisted, until he did. This is it.

2. 6 Years To Get It

It took 6 years, and over 700.000 shots. But he was determined to get it. Meet Alan McFadyen, a Scotland based wildlife photographer.

3. The News

His photograph of a kingfisher diving into a lake caught the attention of the media.

4. The Story

Alan wanted to recreate an image he remembered from his childhood. When he was a little boy, his grandfather took him to see a kingfisher nesting spot.

5. A Childhood Memory

He saw a bird dive into the water, and never forgot that moment.

6. Many Long Hours In The Hide

Alan in an interview stated that he spent more than 4,200 hours to click that amusing shot. In the start, he used to click photographs 5 times a week and later he almost lived there in the hides.

7. Perfection

To get the picture he wanted, he had TONS of patience. The female kingfisher only dives 5 times a day. But, 40 years later, he finally payed homage to his grandfather.

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