Photographer Spends Years Taking Photos Of Endangered Species And They’re Heartbreakingly Beautiful (30 Pics)

When you consider endangered species,’ what do you think about? Possibly a tiger or a polar bear? Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about a saiga or a white-bellied pangolin?
Tragically, there are currently 41,415 on the ‘red rundown,’ and roughly 16,306 of them are threatened with extinction. English picture taker Tim Flach was set for catch whatever number photographs of these jeopardized species as could be expected under the circumstances. The outcomes are appallingly lovely.

Subsequent to putting in two years finding these subtle species, Flach made an assemblage of work fittingly titled Endangered. His photographs offer us an uncommon look into the lives of these exquisite, debilitated animals.

Flach’s shocking photographs are an update for us to have regard for Mother Nature and the majority of its occupants. Before you know it, these unique and brilliant animals will never again be sharing this planet with us.

1. Philippine Eagle

2. Iberian Lynx

3. Ring-Tailed Lemur

4. Red Panda

5. Fireflies

6. Saiga

7. Brilliant Snub-Nosed Monkey

8. Shoebill

9. Western Lowland Gorillas

10. Proboscis Monkey

11. Indian Gharial

12. Marine Iguana

13. White-Bellied Pangolin

14. Olm Salamander

15. Beluga Sturgeon

16. Hooded Vulture

17. Northern White Rhinoceros

18. Egyptian Vulture

19. Kaiser’s Newt

20. Hippopotamus

21. Mammoth Panda

22. Pied Tamarin

23. Ocean Angels

24. Polar Bear

25. African Elephant

26. Cheetah

27. Red Crown Crane

28. European Honey Bee

29. Military Macaw

30. Middle Eastern Oryx

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