Selfie From Top Of Everest Attempts To Destroy Flat-Earth Theory Once And For All (3 Pics)

Even though we are in the 21st century, there are still those people that need proof that the Earth is not flat. And believe it or not, there are “Flat Earth Societies” made of people who promote the idea that our planet is in fact flat. And members of those societies that are serious about the idea, are quite often motivated by pseudoscience or religious literalism.

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That is why one Reddit user that goes by the name “amazed_spirit” posted a selfie of a man (maybe himself) who is standing at the top of Mount Everest (8,848m). In the background, you can clearly see the curvature of Earth. That should debunk all the silly theories, however, some haters have already started blaming photoshop and the smart use of a fisheye lens of the camera.

These people that create those conspiracy theories are the same ones that believe that planet Nibiru is on the colliding course with Earth and that the Moon landing was a hoax. They are not the biggest group but they have some really loud members and know how to make a statement.

And, in case you are not familiar with the Mount Everest, that is the highest mountain about sea level. It is in the Himalayas and sits at the border between China and Nepal. It is 8,848m (29,029ft) high.

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And while most people can’t even believe that there are some who still believe that Earth is flat, there is one Reddit user (Sadconfiguration) actually debunked the photo. And while he did say that flat-earth people are crazy, he also explained that the lens in the photo was either a fish-eye or the GoPro was used, because you can clearly see that it is, in fact, the panoramic view in the background.

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And even if the photo was legit, the flat-earth people would still find another excuse to quarrel about the curvature and undermine the facts.

One of the most delusional members of that society is, of course, Connor Murphy, son of a notorious flat-earther Dave Murphy. He has a “perfectly logical explanation” of why we don’t fall off the edge of the planet. These are his words:“Fall off into what, do you know what I’m saying? The way we see it is it’s an enclosed system. There’s water above, there’s the firmament – or the dome – and there’s water above it and water below it and there’s no leaving it, there’s no finding other Suns and stuff. You can’t fall off the edge, essentially.”

Yes, I know. I also have a question mark above my head.

So, what do you think about this “theory”?