SNEAK PEAK: Inside The Fully Functioning Replica Of Original Titanic Set To Sail In 2018 (5 Pics)

Check out this original Titanic replica, you will be amazed…

#1 A Replica Of A Doomed Ship

The Titanic is infamous for being the “unsinkable ship” that eventually sunk on its first voyage over the Atlantic. Currently a replica is being constructed and is supposed to set sail in 2018. Let’s hope this one has better luck!

#2 Cafe Parisen

Cafe Parisen was supposed to resemble a sidewalk cafe in Paris. The replica is astoundingly similar to the original.

#3 Smoking Room

The original smoking room was for first class passengers and was designed to resemble a club in London. There’s no word on if the modern replica will be designated for 1st class only.

#4 The Rotunda

The original Titanic was infamous for it’s lavish decor. The rotunda was one of those special features that passengers then stood and gazed upon in awe, and passengers in 2018 will too.

#5 Indoor Swimming Pool

Just like the original ship this one comes with an indoor pool. This was a huge deal in the original ship’s day, although it may not be an impressive feature on a cruise ship these days the uncanny resemblance is definitely something to marvel over.