Strange Dog Joins Couple On Hike — Then They See What’s Written On His Collar (4 Pics)

Nobody knows when dogs became man’s best friend. Science and history say that this was a long process from the Ice Age through those puppies of today. They say that everything started with the wolf 12,000 or 14,000 years ago. It certainly came out from a mutual interest. Humans needed protection and an alarm, and wolves needed food. It is simple as that. And it is now very easy to befriend a dog. You only need to go for a walk and you can find a dog that needs your love. That happened to a couple that went out for a hike.

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A married couple, Scott Brown and his wife wanted to go to the snowy trek in waterfalls, Washington state, however, on the way there, they noticed something that immediately attracted their attention. They were actually in the Tenerife Falls near North Bend, Washington and something hairy and dark was moving near the parking lot. They joked that it was a bear, but they knew that it was a black dog. He stuck with them.

The track they were walking on was a 7-mile hike. And, amazingly, the dog took the role of their leader. He was actually exploring the area in front of them, occasionally sat down waiting for them to take pictures, and then continued with them.

And when they finally arrived at the falls, they met up with their friends and took some photos together. That is when they decided to check the tags on the collar.

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On the front of the tag, there was, “Hi, I’m Smokey, I live nearby so don’t take me. I like to follow hikers sometimes”, and on the back, it read, “Don’t worry, I will go home when I get tired. My people love me a lot. Thanks for being nice!”. And it all fit perfectly with the experience they had. And the dog actually chose them. It was their lucky day!

And it looked like the dog was well trained. And according to Brown, he was extremely protective, considering the fact that he hadn’t known them. And after they reached the top of the falls, they decided to go down. Smokey was yet again the leader. He actually escorted them all the way back to the parking lot until they took off their climbing gear.

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Once he saw that they had finished changing their clothes and that they are safe, he moved away, calmly crossed the road and disappeared into the neighborhood.

Maybe that is exactly how nature made the first friendly contact between men and dogs. And these guys actually felt safer with this guy around them. They made a few memories and shared the ones they captured on camera… You never know who you will meet on your long journeys.

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