Study Confirms What Happens To Your Body When You Walk Barefoot (6 Pics)

Humans are so used to wearing footwear that they can hardly imagine doing otherwise. In some parts of the world that might sound shocking, but in most Western countries people don’t have their feet bare even in their own house.

If you aren’t wearing slippers, then you’re probably wearing some house-appropriate shoes. You even have scenario-specific shoes, the one you use for activities such as running or climbing.

Nevertheless, the Journal of Environmental and Public Health released a study titles: ‘Earthling: Human Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons’ – a study that says many chronic degenerative diseases could be treated with bare feet.

Placing your feet directly on the ground (without barriers) is called earthing

First of all, this is not a Bigfoot pseudoscience people chat about around the campfire, but actual science that has proven that ground helps you absorb negative electrons through your feet.

This process of absorption is meant to keep your body at the same negatively charged state planet Eart is always in.

The study from the Journal of Environmental and Public Health says that being barefoot outside can help you protect yourself from insomnia, poor sleep, inflammation, chronic stress etc.

Earthing is just as essential and beneficial to your health as sunshine and water

According to the study, this process is an excellent antioxidant because Earth helps us normalize our stress hormones.

In addition to ‘reconnecting with Mother Earth’, walking with your bare feet is beneficial for your health because you exercise and become connected to nature itself.

Also, people tend to wear shoes with rubber soles (women with high heels) that usually cause joint injuries, calluses or general foot pain and discomfort.

The study says you need to start small: try walking barefoot in your backyard or in the park, then gradually move on to walking barefoot out in the open, near streams or rivers. Earthing is an art and you’ll need time to master it.