Take A Look On How Hollywood Movies Look Like Without Visual Effects (4 Pics + VIDEO)

Hollywood is biggest movie industry ever. It entertains us on the highest level and it seems it will never stop to amaze us with it’s achievements and progress. The visual effects they achieve are simply breathtaking and images of landscape and battle are spot on. But what is really there, when all the visual effects are removed?

There are number of movies that, without the visual effects, look just hilarious. But when the effects are on, it is an awesome experience. Take Jurassic World as an example. Imagine it without the effects? Total catastrophe.

Then there’s Wolf of Wall Street. Visual effects were used for foreign locations that the characters visited, to enhance the beach houses the characters partied at and of course to have a lion walking through a house randomly.

The thing with the visual effects is that actors need to imagine in their heads what it would look like and perform in that way. Talk about acting skills!

To see more about this, click the video below:

Images source: providr.com