The ‘Ugliest’ Bride In The World Decided To Change & This Is What She Looks Like 6 Years Later (9 Pics)

Ugly is, well, an ugly word. Especially since it doesn’t mean anything. The idea of beauty – and its opposite – has been so warped and morphed over time, that what’s considered beautiful by society one day could be completely different the next.

When this Russian woman got married six years ago, a lot of unkind words were said about her appearance. But six years on, she made a simply incredible transformation…

Making a splash

Back in 2011, this happy Russian couple couldn’t wait to show their love off to the world. But soon after they put up pictures of their wedding on Facebook, nasty internet commenters got a hold of them.

Her appearance received endless comments and disparaging remarks from across the world, leading some to unkindly label her as “the ugliest bride in the world.”

Forget about the haters, they’re in love

For the bride and groom, every hateful word meant nothing to them. They were in love, and they didn’t give a damn.

Although people said that they wouldn’t last, and that somehow their love was a lie, they proved them all wrong. They would not let a bunch of trolls get in the way of their bliss.

More than skin seep

We’ll be the first to admit that by our media’s standards, neither the bride nor the groom are what you would call lookers. But all the old clichés really are true. There’s so much more to beauty that what’s on the surface.

The joy in their faces on their wedding day, the way that they selfless share their love with each other – that’s the real beauty.

It was a regular, quiet marriage

All the nastiness died down, as things like that do online. Once they were free of the public eye, the couple simply vanished into suburban Moscow.

They lived their lives as if they had never been minor internet celebrities. And that’s how they would have lived out the rest of their days, if it wasn’t for those meddling reporters…

Reporters made a discovery

One day, a reporter in Russia was on the hunt for a news story when they remembered the scandal surrounding this otherwise happy pair. The reporter searched high and low for them, and eventually managed to track the bride and groom down.

The haters were wrong, of course. They were still happily together. But the “ugliest bride in the world” had completely changed…

The Stunning Transformation

It was almost like she was an entirely different person. The transformation, which you can see in the pic above, was pretty much total. Gone was the person who got married all those years ago, replaced by a perfect-10 knockout.

She was the same bright, bubbly, and delightful person on the inside. It’s just that on the outside, she had become a supermodel.

How she did it

All of the work done to her body, from the head to the toes, took almost the entire six years to complete. Much of her weight was lost through rigorous exercise and a little touch of liposuction.

Then there was the hair, the boobs, several facial enhancements, and a whole new diet. There was barely any part of her appearance that remained from those days.

Why she did it

Most people would point to a complete lack of self-confidence as a reason for her shock makeover.

But that’s not why she did it. Some of it was to feel better, of course, but mostly she wanted to be the hot young thing that her husband saw in her the day they got married. He was already so in love with her – she just wanted to complete the fantasy for him.

They’re still the cutest couple in the world

Despite the drastic change to her appearance, not one other thing has changed about their relationship.

From the first day that they met he’s told her how much he loves her, and he still repeats it to her every day. One look at the happy couple is enough to make your heart melt. They’re just the best.

Sticks and stones break bones, and names certainly do hurt people too. We all need to forget this Hollywood and Vogue idea of what’s beautiful and what’s not, and we need to treat all people, no matter how they look, as the beautiful human beings that they are.

Look past blemishes and love handles and love the person you’re with for their incredible personality. After all, that’s why you’re dating them, right?