These People Deserve to Live in 3018, For Their Awesome And Unique Inventions (10 Pics + VIDEOs)

In order to achieve greatness, you can’t just follow rules. You need to think outside of the box and make something completely new without copycatting anyone (except if you can make a much better copy). Well, some people give a totally new meaning to the “thinking outside of the box”. Their ways of problem-solving are so genius and unorthodox that you simply don’t know whether to call it insane or genius.

Take a look at some of the craziest ideas we have found all over the Internet. Enjoy!

Extraordinary Safety Measures


You see, when I was a kid, my way of protection against the hot oil was a rag wrapped around my hand. However, this is way more advanced.

Lemonade 24/7


This is one way to make lemonade, or maybe the better expression would be naturally flavored water.

Hang In There Kid!


This is not the safest way to ride on a train, but it is creative and extremely fun! He simply refuses to sit in a regular chair! I imagine that his next vehicle is a “Harley”.

Self Walking Dog?


I think that is an Overtrained K9. And don’t get me wrong, I would also like to hire his trainer. I have one dwarf bunny in my room and one less phone charger since last night. I need to ask some questions to whoever trained this dog.

Double Trouble


This is an excellent solution for those who like to watch NASCAR racing (or F1) live, keep their head safe from the Sun, and don’t want to lose their hearing in the same time.

Why Not Use The Opportunity?


“Look Ma, no hands!!!” This is an excellent solution if your hands are tired of holding your tablet, for hours and hours, and you simply don’t know what to watch next!

Teach Me Master!


We don’t want to give you an idea that cheating your way through exams is a cool thing, but this is simply genius! It would never come to my mind to check underneath the nails of my student…

Compete Protection


Now, this is what I call sun protection!

Best Friend


Well, this guy asked his mother to bring him his phone charger from across the street. She instead sent their dog with the charger… Lazy or genius, you decide.



Girls sometimes put on their makeup, but forget to wash their hair. This girl has found a perfectly logical solution to this problem.

Japan’s Brain Power

This is an awesome simple solution and I can’t believe that no one thought of this before!

Easy Way Out

No one can blame this guy for not following the rules. He only found the smarter way to eat. That is genius.